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Discuss Team Talk at the Fantasy League Gold within the Wrestling Talk Forums; This can be a place to post your lineup, talk about their strengths, weaknesses, and ...
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    Default Team Talk

    This can be a place to post your lineup, talk about their strengths, weaknesses, and any possible scenarios you believe your team can be compared to mine

    My team:
    125-Matthew McDonough
    133-Garrett Drucker
    141-Matthew Bonson
    149-Mario Mason
    157-Justin Lister/Josh Demas
    165-Marshall Peppelman/Robert Kokesh
    174-Ed Ruth
    184-Chris Perry/Nate Schiedel
    197-Cayle Byers
    285-Alan Gelogaev/Nick Gwiazdowski

    I feel good about this team. Early in the draft I passed on some proven guys in lieu of trying to get guys I felt could be in the hunt for a title.

    I think that Mcdonough, Ruth are favorites to win. I think Byers, Mason and Perry conceivably can place high if not challenge for the big prize. Gelogaev is still an unknown commodity at Hvy, but I have a hunch he's going to do very well there not cutting tons of weight.

    I think Lister's move back down to 57 after a trainwreck season at 65 will prove to be beneficial and I have super freak Josh Demas to back him up.

    33 and 41 are my biggest holes, but 33 was a wasteland a few rounds in and 41's were tough to come by as well(really wanted Hunter Stieber but didn't pull the trigger in time)

    I am most excited about my 2 165's and couldn't believe how late they went. I think I've got two very talented guys both with good shots at getting on the podium.

    Gwiaz was someone I thought people might have been eyeing coming into this year, but come to find out not many people in our league knew who he was, so I kinda am wondering if I'm overvaluing him. Either way the kid was 43-0 last year with 43 pins in NY.

    Also I get Killer next year in the 13th round hahahah
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    Default Re: Team Talk

    125-Nico "Plz Live Up to Hype" Megaludis
    133-Devin "My Bonus Boy" Carter
    141-Kevin "All I've Got Is A Great Schedule" Smith
    149-Tyler "Stay Healthy" Nauman
    157-James "Letters Turns Me Into A Monster" Fleming
    165-Kyle "Under Radar" Blevins
    174-Hunter "Better Have A Good Back Up" Meys (schedule BLOWS!!)
    184-Joe "I'M BACK!" Leblanc
    197-Morgan "Might Have Over Paid, But Worth It" McIntosh
    285- Zach "One Point Win Wonder" Rey
    149-Ivan "Hard Luck" Lopouchanski
    197-Zach "Who?" Bennett
    174-Greg "Way Better Than Caruso" Zanetti
    125-Garrett "I'll Be Dropped Soon" Frey
    141-Billy "My Sleeper" Ashnault

    I'll give my draft at B/B+. Would have been jacked about it had KR not jacked several of the guys I was pretty high on (Sprenkle, Von Ohlen).

    Rey was a no brainer first rounder for me where I fell in the draft. He's one of the few almost guaranteed Finalist this year. Heavy is pretty terrible this year (especially if we see Trice take a shirt).

    Reys lack of bonus put me in a corner I didn't want to be in due to his lack of bonus (hoping he ups that w/ some weak comp this year). I was begging for Sentes to drop to me, but damn that KR snatched him up as well. That led me to take the next best bonus guy on the board in Carter. I didn't like picking him up here (had him as a early-mid third round value), but if he matches his bonus totals from last year and wins one more match at NCAA's I'll be satisfied.

    I figured I'd over pay for McIntosh going into the draft, but I've always done pretty well on true freshman in the past, and I think this kid is the best I've seen in the past 5-7 years. I'm betting (pretty high since I got him in 5th round!) that we'll see some special things out of him this year.

    Jacked about my 149's. Nauman was cutting too much last year and I think we'll see him back to his past "bracket buster" form. Kids a great big match wrestler. If he doesn't adjust well in beginning, Ivan will serve as a more than quality backup.

    141 and 165 i,s on paper, my weakest weight, but I'm hoping that Smith and Ashnault will supply with a steady stream of points since both have GREAT schedules. Blevins looked great up at camp this summer. I wrestle with him a bunch every year. Hoping he makes the jump this year.

    174 is on the list (w/ 149 and 285) as awful weights this year. I got Meys for NCAA's and Zanetti to fill in due to Boston's lack of scoring opportunities.

    I think Leblanc will go down as my best pick of the draft. He had some issues to overcome last year, but I've got some decent inside info that he's back and better than ever (at least I'm hoping).

    So I guess my team depends on 90% of what everyone else has at the beginning of a fantasy season....HOPE!!!

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    Default Re: Team Talk

    125: Frank Perelli very solid
    133: Ryan Mango wish he was a 25 but hell adjust and score Stanford schedule not the roughest
    141: Josh Kindig Dickens novel Great expectations
    149: Eric Terrazas Should've been 3rd in b-10's Perry makes him an animal
    157: Chase Nelson weakest weight for me but two 20 win guys
    165: David Taylor mission
    174: Jordan Blanton Perry's champ
    184: Robert Hamlin another finalist
    197: AJ Kissel pinner need to find another guy after season gets going but hes a pointer
    285: Ryan Flores finalist
    125: Ty Mitch hope he grew has one of the best low doubles no one outside of Ohio knows about ask Nick Braschetta and Isaac Jordan
    149: Brian Stephens another VT'r hope he finishes strong finally
    157: John Greisheimer servicable I like Edinboro's mascot
    165: Ben Jordan weight drop will benefit I see him top3 in b10 and possible low AA
    285: Jeremy Johnson good schedule great freestyler

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    Default Re: Team Talk

    125: Jon Morrison
    133: AJ Schopp
    141: Boris Novachkov, Mitchell Port
    149: Cole Schmitt
    157: Derek St. John, Jackson Morse
    165: Josh Asper
    174: Chris Spangler, Logan Storley
    184: Lee Munster
    197: Kyven Gadsen, Matt Wilps
    285: Tony Nelson, Elijah Madison

    I thought my first pick was a pretty good one. Derek St. John of Iowa. With the 11th overall pick in the draft, I'd figure I'd get a shot at one of the number one's, but they were all taken by the time my pick rolled around. I felt that DSJ has the best chance at beating the #1 of all the #2s out there.

    With my second pick I grabbed Boris N. I can't spell his name, but he is solid as hell. I don't really expect him to win a National Championship, but....I can't see him placing any worse then 3rd either. His schedule isn't great so I had to pick up a backup with a heavy schedule.

    I was glad to finally get a Gopher on my team with my third pick: Tony Nelson (the first of my three heavies) Report on Tony is that he's put on some weight and if he can open up his offense a little.....he'll be in the hunt!

    Pick #4 was a biggy for my team. I needed someone that was proven and would be competitive. John Morrison Oklahoma State 125lber fit the bill perfectly. He had a nagging injury the end of last year, but showed great potential during the regular season last year. Matt McD has 125 locked down, but Morrison has the potential to be #2 if he stays healthy and shows a little improvement. Oklahoma State has a crappy schedule so I'll be looking to pick up a filler late in the draft.

    Pick# 5 Gadson from Iowa State was a calculated risk. 197 is depleted this year and Gadsen has the size and skill to be a mid AA this year. A little risky, and I may have pulled the trigger on him a bit early. But still happy with this pick.

    Pick# 6 Spangler 174. This guy is great and had some terrific matches last year before becoming injured. I feel he is a legitimate title contender at a weak 174. And was glad to get him at this point in the draft.

    Pick #7 Munster 184. I'm excited to get Munster again this year.....I grabbed him last year, but he redshirted so I felt I had to grab him again. A freshman with the skills to make some noise. Although I'm dissapointed that he has reportedly dropped to 174, I'm excited because because combined with Spangler...I feel I've doubled my chance of gettting somebody at the top of 174.

    8th pick was my keeper Josh Asper. So strong and consistent, my 165lb class was done and I won't have to worry about it all season.

    9th pick was AJ Schopp. Being a wrestler at Edinboro means he's got a huge schedule so he'll score big for me and he should be a top twenty guy at least. I may need to upgrade at some point during the season, but time will tell.

    10 pick Matt Wilps. I'd call him my second best pick during the draft. (my first being Morrison in the 4th). I grabbed him thinking he is a heck of a wrestler that gets stuck wrestling heavyweight. Although he was going to be small, he would be strong enough to get out from underneath even the biggest guys. To my suprise, I found out that he is actually going to be wrestling 197 for Pitt and Thomesett will be going heavy. This is great news for me, because a guy that I picked as a wild card, just became a contender. Wilps only lost one match last year as a redshirt and that was a close one to Powless. Wilps is the real deal and should be a top 5 197lber.

    11th pick Cole Schmitt.....Like Vais says, he's a value pick. I'm still a little disappointed to have him as my 149lber. Going into the draft, I didnt' think I'd have trouble with 149, because I wanted Dylan Ness and figured I could get him in a mid/lower round. He went a round or two before I was ready to grab I missed out. I still felt I'd be fine, because I'd just grab Brian Stephens (I had him last year and he was a strong scorer), but then someone else grabbed him. Hopefully Cole has recovered from last seasons injuries and will be ready to roll.

    12th pick Elijah Madison. How could I resist a heavyweight with offense. Big fella that gets after it and is fun to watch. He won Division 2 last year, but I'm not sure how he matches up against the top guys.....Heavy should be pretty easy to AA in this year, so I grabbed (what I thought at the time) my 3rd heavy hoping a couple of them would work out. Heavies always put up lots of pins too.

    13th pick Jackson Morse. I missed out on Minnesota's Jake D. at 157, so this pick was kind of in his place. I have a hunch on this guy and with the coaching he's probably gotten (or will be getting) that he could be the surprise of the big ten and I think he could possible knock of Welch at the Big Ten's #2 guy. Whether he ends up being that great or not, he still has a schedule that meshes well with DSJ during the early part of the season.

    14th pick Mitchell Port. This kid is wrestling up at weight at Edinboro so He'll be a small 141, but even so he'll win lots of matches. His heavy match count will help even out Boris's low match count.

    15th pick Logan Storely. I had been expecting to get Jesse Delgado with this pick (Illinois's 125lber) With Morrision's weak schedule Delgado would have been a great fit for me. But since Delgado was gone, I grabbed Storely. Storely is getting some decent hype and has a chance to make an impact this year if he doesn't redshirt. I don't know what to expect with this guy, but the draft had surpassed my research.

    Overall I'd grade my draft a B+. I love my first half and would grade that an "A" but pretty risky in the second half so I'll through that a "B" so it averages to a B+.

    With Munster reportly going 174 I do have a whole at 184 that will need to be dealt with at some point, but It will likely be taken care of through a drop/add as that weight class is crazy tough so even the best guys aren't worth too much to me because anyone of about 10 guys could win it.

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    Default Re: Team Talk

    125: Alan Waters- My keeper, great value at 13th round
    133: Cashe Quiroga- I was impressed 2 years ago, after JO, there is much parity
    141: Nick Dardanes- superfrosh?
    149: Dylan Ness- superfrosh2?
    157: Jake Deitchler- questionable durabillity obviously, but I thought he was a good value
    165: Zach Toal- expect a much more confident soph, all the tools to AA
    174: Nick Amuchastegui- solid NCAA performer, he's money in March
    184: Grant Gambrall- expect this Hawkeye to overtake Hamlin and be in the hunt for the crown
    197: Brent Haynes- questionable homer pick, hope he regains freshman focus
    285: Levi Cooper- Surprise AA last year, I like guys who get it done in March, plus ASU has a good schedule
    125: Ryak Finch- decent hype, probable trade material
    133: Fred Santaite- Since Cashe is an unknown at this weight, I got Freddy, a proven performer and conference favorite
    149: Kyle Bradley- overlooked with several quality wins last year. A good value at 15
    157: Kyle John- everyone seemed to pass him by, don't know why. Deitchler is iffy, so John made sense
    174: Eric Starks- Like ASU schedule

    Overall, I'd say my team is a little too Big10/Big12 heavy, which I tried to correct in the later rounds. I took chances on quite a few young, unproven guys so things could go south for me fast. Tried to take schedules a little more into consideration so I won't need a great conference week to catch up. I think I did pretty good all things considered and would give myself a B. Add/Drops will be vital.

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    Default Re: Team Talk

    125: Micheal Martinez, Steve Bonnano
    133: Jordan Oliver
    141: Matt Mariacher, Hunter Stieber
    149: Donnie Vinson, Cam Tessari
    157: Jason Welch
    165: Shane Onufer, Dallas Bailey
    174: Corey Peltier
    184: Josh Ihnen, Jerome Ward
    197: Zac Thommusiet
    285: Cameron Wade

    125, i ended up picking up 2 good guys to score points and have an outside chance to do well at NCAA
    133, JO
    141, I have a feeling Stieber will outperform Mariacher here and great value in the 13th round. keeper
    149, Vinson is solid with a good schedule, I hope Tessari performs well.
    157, Jason Welch, very excited to pick him up in the 3rd, love watching him wrestle
    165, Onufer will have a great year, Bailey i picked up because he seemed the best available at that time
    174, good schedule, 74 is weak
    184, Ihnen and Ward, hoping one will step up
    197, Thommusiet very solid 97
    285, wade was a good pick, i was at work with no computer, it just kind of hit me to pick him.

    overall a good draft for me, really excited to get my young buckeyes late. one big regret was not getting luvsandorj in the 9th.

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    Default Re: Team Talk

    125: Jarrod Patterson
    Patterson was a great value in the 8th round. Really he's as good of a bet as anyone to make the finals and face McDonough. In spite of that, I'm considering cutting him for his shenanigans beating Stieber at CKLV last year. He could place anywhere from 2-12, really, but I doubt he misses the podium

    133: Logan Stieber

    Some three years ago, when he was a high school senior, I boldly picked David Taylor to be the next 4x, undefeated NCAA champion. I'm quite confident I was the first one to make such a prediction, and I took the obvious flack for it at the time. He continued to have a monstrous redshirt year, grew into a larger weight, and last year started to show people just how smart I am. Then the NCAA finals came, he came out wrestling rather tentatively against his former teammate, and wound up with his back to the foam. With one technical error, a low head on that high crotch, he cost himself a perfect season and me a shot at being one of the all time great prognosticators.

    The other hugely talented and motivated Ohio High Schooler of the last 6 years (not to be confused with guys like Chris Phillips and Felipe Martinez who are every bit as talented but lack the motivation to make shockwaves at the NCAA level) is Logan Stieber. I have no doubt that Logan will be the best freshman in the country this year. He's the clear favorite to earn that title, and he won't disappoint.

    With good reason, Jordan Oliver is the favorite to win 133. By my measure, he was the third best wrestler in the nation last year behind Burroughs and Taylor. Despite that, I think Logan has a legitimate shot at beating him. Jordan Oliver is a flash on his feet, and David Taylor is a flurry on the mat. Logan does not dazzle you with "oohs" and "ahhs" as the two of them do, but that is merely a stylistic difference. His arsenal is more conventional than either of them, but he is truly a terror both on his feet and on the mat. JO is probably the best wrestler in the nation on his feet, but I'm fairly certain Logan has scored a takedown in EVERY match he has wrestled at every level since the beginning of his high school career. He easily penetrates on everyone, including former NCAA Champions Matt Valenti and Derek Moore, whom he defeated (by technical fall) in freestyle at this years World Team Trials. While video footage of his tech falls over Anthony Zanetta and the Nebraska opponent (not Klingsheim) is not available, I watched the matches live and can assure you that both involved a couple takedowns and back-to-back-to-back turns within the span of about 90 seconds. It appeared that he would register the tech in the first period of his match with Zanetta, but Zanetta managed to hold him off.

    Prepare yourselves, gents, Logan is going to score Gold some points this year (though unfortunately he has a terrible schedule).

    141: Kendric Maple
    I wanted to pick Maple in the draft, but not as early as I did. I went to a church activity Wednesday night, and took with me a list of six wrestlers I would target with my upcoming two picks: Brendan Barlow, Kyven Gadsen, Scott Winston, Andrew Sorenson, Mike Evans, and Kendric Maple. Maple was really a guy that could wait a few more rounds, but was the only one left by my second pick. Maybe I should have just made you all wait a couple hours until I could get home, but I decided to get the pick out. I'm happy to have Maple, but it was earlier than it should have been.

    149: Scott Sakaguchi
    Great schedule and a good shot at being an All-American in a terribly weak weight.

    157: Ganbayar Sanjaa
    I draft him for the second year in a row. Should be an All-American, and could find himself in the finals.

    165: Nick Sulzer
    I was very pleased Nick slipped to me. The guy loves wrestling. I see him as a low AA/R12 guy.

    174: Nick Heflin
    I love Nick Heflin. I think he takes more shots this year, makes a big leap in performance. I see him as a top 4 guy who has a shot at the finals. Let's go Nick!

    184: Max Thomusseit
    I'm surprised Max wasn't on the rankings list. I watched a lot of his matches last year. He had some nice wins and other strong losing performances against top opponents. I think he's a low-AA/R12 guy. The weight is so loaded that nothing will surprise me, from finishing 4th to going 2-2 at NCAAs.

    197: Chris Honeycutt
    I had a feeling Honeycutt would be wrestling 197 this year. It wasn't publicized, but it made sense he's one of a couple guys on the top tier at 197. My draft plan for the first few rounds was this: Draft a big-name proven wrestler in the first round, Logan Stieber in the second round, and Honeycutt in the third round. Unfortunately, all the "legit" first rounders were taken by the time my pick came around. I was truly shocked at how well everyone drafted in the first couple rounds, and I wasn't going to risk letting Honeycutt get picked off before my 3rd round pick came back to me. If I had, Boris would have been my second round pick.

    Honeycutt is a top-two guy at 197, shouldn't finish lower than 4th or 5th in any circumstances except injury.

    285: Brendan Barlow
    My impression (which is vague) is that Barlow has been very focused on winning since getting bounced in the R12 by Levi Cooper, who he had majored earlier in the year. I'm a homer, but I look for him to be much improved and turn some heads this year. Even if he doesn't, he has a great schedule and should score me plenty of points.

    125: Levi Wolfensperger
    He was pretty heavily hyped, and I was surprised he was around at the end of the 13th. So I picked him. Then I found out he's having trouble getting down to weight. That's a bit concerning, but he's still got time to shed a few points. I'm not worried at this point.

    141: Zach Niebert

    I like his chances to perform in the ACC.

    157: RJ Pena

    Great schedule, a pinner... he is a good backup for me at 157.

    165: Derek Garcia
    You would not believe the hype I've heard about this guy in the last year. The only problem is that he has a knee injury that has lingered for the last two or three years.

    285: Mike McMullen
    McMullen was high on my list of impact freshmen. I was pretty surprised he slipped to me in the 9th round, and I hope he makes a big impact in the Big 10.

    On the whole, I think I did pretty well with my draft position. The thing is, my draft position really hurt me in the first round. I really needed to get a title contender BEFORE I took Stieber. That one piece would make a big difference for me. As it is, I have work to do.

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    Default Re: Team Talk

    Ok in 2009 I had no idea who any of these kids were (outside of a few PSU kids & a few in the B10) having been out of the wrestling loop for years. 2010 I was too physically ill to keep up with most of what was gong on & I missed out a lot of stuff (but I did snag Andrew Long in January). This year I am better & spent a lot more time over the course of the past year watching tape, tracking & researching. Doing the World Championship FS Fantasy league certainly was a fun & valuable experience too. I have to admit talking to Russ the past 2 years has opened my eyes to looking for undervalued competitors.

    125 Trent Sprenkle Who? Yea thats what I thought @ first but should score a lot of points & win the conference (WWC). I could use a back up here however. Out of 32 wins, 16 were bonus wins last year, wins over Kjar, Martinez & Frey plus a RD12.

    133 Scott Sentes If he RS I think my draft is about a C+/B- if he wrestles a B/B+. No one in his conference will touch him & will rack up major points as well as Conference winner (MAC, potential OW without Killer) & to AA if not be the last guy Oliver beats. 21 of 35 wins bonus.

    133 Frank Martelotti Since he wasn't ranked most guys apparently were not thinking of him especially since he was in the Spring, academically ineligible. It was interesting to find out AFTER I drafted him that young mr LoSt was high on him. He got high as 15th last year in the rankings as a Freshman @ 125. He may only get 3rd/4th/5th @ the B1Gs but I expect him to be a threat to AA this year as a true sophomore. 9 of 18 wins were bonus.

    Jordan Thome Could be a threat to win the EIWA @ 133. He scores bonus. Good back up. 12 of 26 wins bonus including a fall over D. Thorn.

    141 Cole Von Ohlen I think that this is the 3rd year I have had him. A kid I discovered digging around after Russ got me looking at Oregon State kids 2 years ago. This year not only will he win the conference & score tons of bonus but could very well AA. 27 of 44 wins by bonus.

    149 Frank Molinaro Despite earning a rep for the king of the 7 point wins lat year, Tank actually averaged nearly 3.9 team points per dual & I called his major over Schmitt last year. He will be solid & probably win the B1G & NCAA title & be PSU's next 4x AA. 16 of 32 wins by bonus.

    157 Corey Mock Maybe you are saying WHO? or maybe you paid attention last year & know he is the coaches son @ UNC. His Dad C. D. Mock was a Council Rock South legend who was one of the slew of PA kids who went down south during the 80s. When Corey did win last year it was usually bonus. I think he could win the conference & get tot he RD of 12 but might shock some folks with his PA blood line! Could use a back up here as well. 25 of 36 wins by bonus.

    165 Bekzod Abdurakhmanov just like Roper was dreaming of Letters & Fleming here is another WHO? on the Clarion team that Letters will only make better. He should win the EWL & score even more bonus this year. I put him in the similar category as Mock: RD of 12 but a threat to surprise folks. 25 out of 38 wins bonus.

    Tyler Caldwell See Vais last sentence on his first post of this thread...

    174 Turtogtokh Luvsandorj The 2nd half of my Mongolian Mafia. Again you maybe saying WHO? & stumbling over how the FK do I pronounce his name like Bekzod's. Another guy I discovered digging around last year. Everyone who was paying attention took notice after his Nittany Lion Open performance last year. He is ranked at 165 but the school SID says he will go 174. I am not sure how the weight change will effect him. Should win the conference but I don't expect too much more out f him then a 1-2 or 2-2 record at NCAA. If he gets to RD12 I will be happy. Glad I have a b/u. Only 9 out of 36 wins bonus.

    Curran Jacobs You might think that being the #7 174 in the B1G is not someone you want but I needed a b/u & he did beat Lofthouse, Zeerip Meade & Meys last year. He lost to Amuchgastegui by 2 & to Heflin by 1. There were a couple guys I wanted ahead of him but He should fill in the blanks for me. Only 7 of 25 wins bonus.

    184 Kevin Steinhaus With 84 being what it is it wouldn't surprise me if he was a finalist @ both the B1g & NCAA this year. He will be solid & score some bonus. 15 of 34 wins bonus & has 2 wins over Gambrall. Returning AA.

    Danny Mitchell Again you are probably saying WHO? Last year he was at 197 for American & even though he is in a tough weight (EIWA has 2 of the top 4 kids) he did beat Kennedy 2xs last year as well as Casperson & lost several close bouts with nationally ranked guys as a Freshman. He also had 13 bonus wins out of 32 total. Could surprise int he EIWA & get into the Finals but probably 1-2 @ NCAAs. Good b/u.

    197 Matt Powless 3rd in B1G last year & a AA. Wins last year over Wilps, Orozco, Biondo, Haynes, Hanke, Burak & Kennedy. He could be a finalist in both the conference & NCAA. 19 bonus point wins last year as well out of 39 wins total.

    285 Tucker Lane He probably would have won the B12 this year if Nebraska would have stayed in the conference. Wins last year over Jack, Disney, Brantley, Fernandez, Simonson & Barlow. Could be a B1G finalist & is a threat to AA. Only 7 out of 31 wins were bonus.

    I think I have the points potential to threaten winning the regular season but I don't think I have the horses (yet) to win the NCAA tourney. I have probably 8 conference winners on the team (w/out Sentes) but only about 5 threats to AA. 211 bonus wins out of 458 total wins = 46% rate.
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    Default Re: Team Talk

    125: Matt Snyder-Kid was R12, lost a couple close ones to Garnett last year including ACC Finals, I think he has the potential to easily win the ACC and reach AA status this year for me
    133: Zac Stevens-He's been to the big dance and won a couple matches, need an upgrade here though...
    141: Zack Kemmerer-Dude wins a ton of matches and is a returning AA if someone better comes up I'll upgrade as I don't know that he's got the magic two years in a row
    149: Eric Grajales- half his wins were bonus and he was a round away from AA, I feel like I messed up taking Carew as his back up so I'll prob stick with him
    157: Jesse Dong- I'm most interested to see what Dong can do, he's a guy that can really help me. Just depends if he finally gets over the hump and AA's
    165: Cody Yohn- Another guy that could be better but between him and Resnick I'm alright I think
    174: Jacob Swartz- Need help here even with Dessino I think
    184: Quentin Wright- Got a good first round pick up, hope he repeats of course and picks up a few more big wins where he can
    197: John Hall- Another upgradeable weight but has shown some promise before getting hurt last year
    285: David Marone- Marone is another one that can give me some good points or can kill me with losses to lesser competition, we'll see if he pans out finally
    125: Jesse Delgado- Droppable without doubt but we'll see what happens with him
    141: Stephen Dutton- I really like this guy could plug him in some
    149: Dylan Carew- I think I messed up with this pick...
    165: Jim Resnick- has some good potential could be a conference champ and should be at NCAA's
    174: Mike Dessino- can provide some big points with pins and should be another conference champ

    All in all I'm OK with my draft, I'd really like to pick up another big gun or two but we'll see how my freshman fantasy campaign starts out and then I'll be in the hunt to do some add/drops and trades.

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