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Thread: 2011-2012 DRAFT: We Are Done!

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    Default 2011-2012 DRAFT: We Are Done!

    Draft Tracker:
    Check out our Draft Big Board and Results Chart! Based on's rankings, it should help everyone keep track of things better and raise the level of competition in the league. As we draft, I'll highlight the wrestlers that have been taken on the "Big Board" tab and update both of the "Results" tabs.


    1) Starting Time. The draft will begin Wednesday, October 12, at 7 a.m. PACIFIC Time (10 a.m. eastern).

    2) Time Limit. You have 3 hours from the time of the pick before you to make your pick. If not, the person after you is free to make their pick, and so on and so forth. You may make your missed pick at any time, but you are missing out on wrestlers.

    Furthermore, official time limits will only apply between 10 am and 10 pm Eastern Time. If your pick is scheduled outside of those hours, you may make that pick, but no time limit will be enforced on the next league member until the official opening.

    Ex: If KennesawState makes his pick at 8:30 pm, then gobigred is not required to make his pick at 11:30 pm, but by 12:30 pm (just after midday) on the next draft day. 1 1/2 hours from the night before WILL count on your time limit. However, gobigred is free to make his pick at any time, say at 1:30 in the morning. Then, hawkeyes2 may make his pick at any time before 10 am, or he has until 1:00 pm on the next day.

    3) If you can't be at your computer and need to take the full 3 hours, fine. The intent of the 3 hour limit is for people who simply cannot get to the computer to make a good pick because they are at work, on the road, etc. HOWEVER, if you have been notified that it is your turn and are able to look at the computer, please try to make your pick within a half an hour. That should be more than enough computer time to make an educated decision. The intent of the 3 hour time allowance is to accommodate schedules, not to give you 3 hours to deliberate on each pick.

    4) When it's your turn, you will receive a text message alerting you. This will help us keep the draft running smooth. If something about the draft days or phone system isn't going to work for you, let me know and we will try to accommodate you.

    5) Keeper picks must be announced by Sunday, October 9, at 5 p.m. Pacific Time. If you do not declare a keeper by then, you will not keep any wrestlers.

    Let me know if you have questions or think I'm missing something here. This is basically the same as it was last year.

    Date & Time:

    • Begins Wednesday, October 12, at 7 am PACIFIC (10 am Eastern)
    • Will run from 7 am-7 pm PACIFIC every week day until the draft is over.
    • Picks won't be timed on weekends, but we want to make as many picks on the weekend as we can.

    Draft Order:

    1. RD149-2
    2. vaisforlovers
    3. thaxton
    4. KennesawState
    5. gobigred
    6. hawkeyes2
    7. accboy
    8. Roper165
    9. kr1963
    10. tigerfan
    11. buckvader
    12. Gold
    13. Herkey#1

    The order will snake each round.
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    Default Re: 2011-2012 DRAFT: Order Posted


    Wrestlers that Will be Kept:
    accboy: None
    buckvader: Josh Asper, 8
    gobigred: Steve Bosak, 5
    Gold: Jarrod Patterson, 8
    Herkey#1: Montel Marion, 12
    KennesawState: PJ Gillespie, 8
    kr1963: None
    RD149-2: Ryan Flores, 6
    thaxton: None
    tigerfan: Alan Waters, 13
    vaisforlovers: Ed Ruth, 6
    hawkeyes2: N/A
    Roper165: N/A

    I've listed all the wrestlers that are eligible to be kept, and what round pick it will cost you to keep them. You may only keep one wrestler. Please let me know who you want to keep as soon as you decide.

    1 Joe Leblanc
    3 Justin Lister
    4 Nic Bedelyon
    5 Jamal Parks
    10 Nate Schiedel

    1 Chris Honeycutt
    8 Jarrod Patterson

    1 Scott Winston
    3 Garnett
    9 Desi Green
    10 Salopek

    2 Gaethje
    5 AJ Kissel
    6 Ryan Flores
    7 Toal
    13 Thomusseit

    5 Ward
    8 PJ Gillespie
    10 Kyle John

    6 Ruth

    3 Amuchastegui
    4 Haynes
    6 Ihnen
    7 Onufer
    10 Henderson
    13 Waters

    3 Yohn
    4 Sentes
    8 Asper
    11 Stephens


    1 Chamberlain
    2 St. John
    3 Boris
    6 Ethen Lofthouse
    8 Lara
    12 Marion

    3 Nauman
    5 Bosak
    7 Perrelli
    10 Vinson
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    Default Re: 2011-2012 DRAFT: Order Posted

    I'll give up my 12th pick for Montell Marion. Hope he's worth it.

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    Default Re: 2011-2012 DRAFT: Order Posted

    Garrnet will be well worth a 3rd round thanks.

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    Default Re: 2011-2012 DRAFT: Order Posted

    Ed ruth ladies and gentlemen!
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Default Re: 2011-2012 DRAFT: Order Posted

    Waters for my 13th round please.

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    Default Re: 2011-2012 DRAFT: Order Posted

    You all are getting after it early, and with an odd number...
    RIP Jacob Schlottke - 1984-2011

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    Default Re: 2011-2012 DRAFT: Order Posted

    we are ready to rock. lets do it!!!!

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    Default Re: 2011-2012 DRAFT: Order Posted

    Steve Bosak, 5th Round
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