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Thread: Week 9 standings

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    Default Week 9 standings

    Last week you thought the scores were posted when they weren't. So, here you go. A little reminder. No scores yet. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Week 9 standings

    Geez give the guy a break...

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    Default Re: Week 9 standings

    Quote Originally Posted by Gold View Post
    Geez give the guy a break...
    He is incapable.

    BTW, that was THIS week, and I said they would be up yesterday, but I had some unavoidable family obligations. They'll be up later today.
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    I am incapable. How does Zapp know me so well? My wife would be rolling. Sorry, can't help it. Letting insignificant things like family and law school final exams get in the way of fantasy wrestling just shows poor judgement, that's all. Carry on!

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