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Discuss Fantasy Midlands at the Fantasy League Gold within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Hows your team doing at the Midlands after day one? 125 Falck - Conso's; vs ...
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    Default Fantasy Midlands

    Hows your team doing at the Midlands after day one?

    125 Falck - Conso's; vs Ben Ashmore most likely to Inj Def.
    133 Fanthorpe - Semi's; Vs Steve Bell
    141 Jantzen - Conso's; Lost to Tanelli in qtrs.
    141 LeClere - Conso's; Vs Hohen
    165 Fay - Conso's; Lost to Howe a true freshman in qtrs
    174 Burk - Inj Def out of tourney
    184 Keddy - Semi's; Vs Caputo
    197 Anderson - Conso's; Lost to Brandvold. Is still alive.
    HWT Erekson - Semi's; Looking good. Vs Sheaffer of Pitt.

    9 entered tournament
    7 or 8(Falck) still alive
    4 or 5(Falck) in consolation rounds
    3 in semifinals
    1 or 2(Falck) inj def

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    Default Re: Fantasy Midlands

    Sentes in semis
    Bell in semis
    Drouin in WB (has Gallick)
    Brown in semis
    Marable in semis
    Jordan in semis
    Caputo in semis
    Ellis in semis

    Donahoe and Gillespie unchallenged so far in the Scuffle (both in semis)

    Not bad.
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    Default Re: Fantasy Midlands

    Clark in semi's
    Dennis in semis (but I just traded him)
    Tsirtsis in semis
    Welch in semis (but he's on my bench)
    Chandler in semis (against Sanderson)
    Reader in semis
    Morningstar in semis
    Borschel in semis

    Those are all the wrestlers I have going.
    Jacob Schlottke---Gone too soon, and the world is a little less bright because of it. RIP, brother.

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    Default Re: Fantasy Midlands

    125: No one
    133: Daniel Dennis, 1st Midlands
    141: Andraen Hernandez, 0-2 DNP Midlands (Should have started Krom!)
    149: Darrion Caldwell, 1st Scuffle
    157: Gregor Gillespie, 1st Scuffle
    165: Moza Fay, 3rd Midlands
    174: Mike Miller, 2nd Midlands
    174: Raymond Jordan, 4th Midlands
    184: Josh Patterson, 2nd Scuffle
    197: Brandon Hasley, 1st Scuffle
    HVY: Konrad Dudziak, 3rd Scuffle

    10 Guys started
    Four #1
    Two #2
    Two #3
    One #4
    One DNP
    Gold is an idiot.

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