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Thread: Next weeks lineups

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    Default Next weeks lineups

    I would like to put to a vote for next weeks lineups to go from 12-22/1-6 That should catch everyones heavy point getters and it won't make me have to pay attention or try to, while on holiday vacation.

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    It's fine with me, I don't have anybody wrestling the week of 12/22 - 12/27. The Midlands and the Scuffle both start on the 28th so it would probably be easier for Zapp to keep score of those tournaments without having to split them up into two different weeks.

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    Why the 6th? Isn't that a Tuesday? Regardless, that would be my recommendation as well. Here's mine:

    125 Donahoe, Edin
    133 Bell, MD
    141 Drouin, ASU
    149 Brown, CMU
    157 Gillespie, Edin
    165 Marable, MO
    174 Jordan, MO
    184 Caputo, Harv
    197 Brester, Neb
    Hwt Ellis, MO
    Flex: Sentes, CMU

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    i agree.

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    Default Re: Next weeks lineups

    Alright, we're going to do it from 12/22-1/4. I'll make a full thread.
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    6th because I was looking at a calendar of December, Short bus guilty

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