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Discuss Official scoring? at the Fantasy League Gold within the Wrestling Talk Forums; When will the official scoring be updated, and how often? Thanks....
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    Default Official scoring?

    When will the official scoring be updated, and how often? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Official scoring?

    I'm working on it, but I have my MPRE this weekend, so not until after that.
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    Default Re: Official scoring?

    Week 1 Results
    1. Sgallan- 45*
    2. Tigerfan- 41
    3. RD149-2- 16
    4. Champ Kind- 12
    5. MatEater- 10
    6. accboy- 0
    6. 0
    6. vaisforlovers- 0
    6. Zapp Brannigan- 0
    6. Herkey # 1- 0
    6. Gold- 0
    6. architeuthis- 0

    *Not sure if this will count, since the roster was submitted after the deadline AND no weights were done. I will let the commish declare a ruling on this one.
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    Default Re: Official scoring?

    FWIW, I haven't done a fantasy thing since the 80's. Didn't know I had a deadline. the "team" I put out there was pretty much the only possible team this early in the season, and I didn't even know I did good result wise until after I put the team up..... Fendone rocks.

    Otherwise, if anybody has issues then DQ my week.
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