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Thread: Lineups 11-7 thru 11-13

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herkey#1 View Post
    That's what I thought we were trying to do, but I noticed the other one started on a friday and ended on a thursday so I thought one needed to be made for the next week. Didnt mean to step on your toes comish.
    Not a problem, I appreciate the "go get em" attitude.
    Jacob Schlottke---Gone too soon, and the world is a little less bright because of it. RIP, brother.

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    Accboy's Brick Breakers lineup.

    125 Eric Morrill Edinboro -11/8 SUNY/Oklahoma Gold Classic
    133 Darrius Little North Carolina -11/8 State-NCST OPEN
    141 Joe Caramanica NC State -11/8 State-NCST OPEN
    149 Eric Medina Maryland-11/9 Lehigh-Michigan
    157 Jon Bonilla-Bowman Hofstra-11/8 Brockport/Oklahoma Gold 11/12 Wagner
    157 Scott Winston Rutgers- 11/8 Brockport/Oklahoma Gold Classic
    165 Chris Brown Old Dominion-11/9 Michigan State Open
    174 Chris Heinrich Virginia-11/9 Michigan State Open
    197 Hudson Taylor Maryland-11/9 Lehigh-Michigam
    285 Justin Dobies North Carolina-11/8 NC State Open

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zapp Brannigan View Post
    Not a problem, I appreciate the "go get em" attitude.

    The go get em attitude comes from years and years of watching the Hawks.

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    125 Bedelyon Ok Gold Open
    133 Franklin Gomez Mich st open
    141 Mclemore Stevens point open
    149 Kyler Ok Gold Open
    157 Vallimont MSU open
    174 Erwin MSU open
    184 Pucillo NC State Open
    Hwt Corey Morrison NC state Open
    Flex man 157 Sean Nemec NC state open

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    The MSU open is going to be Hell at 141 and 157and 165 .Luckily I am -or should I say my wrestlers -are in an ass-kicking mood.

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    125-James Nicholson
    133-KING LOUIE Ruggirello
    141-Zach Tanelli
    149-Mitch Mueller
    157-Matt Moley
    165-Colby Covington
    184-Rocco Caponi
    197-Patrick Bond
    285-Nathan everhart
    Flex-Newly Mcspadden

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    125: Brad Pataky, Penn State
    133: Tyler Shinn, OKSt
    141: Tyler Nauman, Pitt
    149: Bubba Jenkins, Penn State
    157: Cyler Sanderson, ISU
    165: Jarrod King, Edinboro
    174: Dave Rella, Ohio State
    184: Jake Herbert, Northwestern
    197: Ryan Goodma, NC State
    285: Jared Rosholt, OkSt
    Captain's Pick: Ashtin Primus, Mizzou
    "Whoever said winning isn't everything probably lost."

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    Default Re: Lineups 11-7 thru 11-13

    125: Nikko Triggas, Ohio State
    133: Reece Humphrey, Ohio State
    141: Keith Sulzer, Northwestern
    149: Kyle Ruschell, Wisconsin
    157: Mike Poeta, Illinois
    165: Colt Sponseller, Ohio State
    174: Mike Miller, Central Michigan
    184: Zach Geisen, Stanford
    197: Cayle Byers
    285: Jermail Porter, Kent State
    Flex: Jason Johnstone, Ohio State

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    architeuthis 125 Zack "Colonel" Sanders Minnesota
    architeuthis 133 Jimmy Kennedy Illinois
    architeuthis 141 J Jaggers THE Ohio State University
    architeuthis 141 Kellen Russell Michigan- Flex
    architeuthis 165 Luke Manuel Purdue

    architeuthis 174 Mike Letts Maryland

    architeuthis 184 Trevor Brandvold Wisconsin
    architeuthis 197 Dallas Herbst Wisconsin

    architeuthis 285 Zach Sheaffer Pittsburgh
    architeuthis 157 Tyler Safratowich Minnesota
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