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Discuss Current Rosters at the Fantasy League Gold within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Here is everyone's up-to-date roster. If you see something wrong please notify Zapp or I. ...
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    Here is everyone's up-to-date roster. If you see something wrong please notify Zapp or I. The weight classes may be off a little, so don't get your panties in a bunch.

    Team Weight Wrestler College

    accboy 125 Troy Nickerson Cornell
    accboy 133 Connor Beebe CMU
    accboy 141 Alex Krom Maryland
    accboy 141 Justin Accordino Hofstra
    accboy 149 Trevor Chinn Lehigh
    accboy 149 David Jauregui West Virginia
    accboy 157 Jordan Burroughs Nebraska
    accboy 157 Scott Winston Rutgers
    accboy 165 Keegan Mueller North Carolina
    accboy 174 Alton Lucas Hofstra
    accboy 184 Vince Jones Nebraska
    accboy 197 Hudson Taylor Maryland
    accboy 197 Brent Jones Virginia
    accboy 285 Justin Dobies North Carolina
    accboy 285 Kyle Massey Wisconsin

    architeuthis 125 Zack Sanders Minnesota
    architeuthis 133 Steve Bell Maryland
    architeuthis 141 Kellen Russell Michigan
    architeuthis 149 Cesar Grajales Penn
    architeuthis 157 Tyler Safratowich Minnesota
    architeuthis 157 Jon Bonilla-Bowman Illinois
    architeuthis 165 Luke Manuel Purdue
    architeuthis 174 Mike Cannon American
    architeuthis 174 Joe Fagiano Hofstra
    architeuthis 184 Josh Arnone Cornell
    architeuthis 184 Kenny Moenkedick NDSU
    architeuthis 184 Riley Orozco Cal State-Bakersfield
    architeuthis 197 Cale Byers George Mason
    architeuthis 285 Zach Sheaffer Pittsburgh
    architeuthis 285 David Marone Virginia Tech

    Champ Kind 125 Nic Bedeleyon Kent State
    Champ Kind 133 Joey Slaton Iowa
    Champ Kind 133 Kyle Hutter Old Dominion
    Champ Kind 141 Mike Grey Cornell
    Champ Kind 141 Zack Bailey Oklahoma
    Champ Kind 149 Jake Patacsil Purdue
    Champ Kind 157 Shane Vernon OKlahoma
    Champ Kind 165 Tyler Sherfey Boise State
    Champ Kind 165 Mack Lewnes Cornell
    Champ Kind 174 Steve Anceravage Cornell
    Champ Kind 184 Dustin Kilgore Kent State
    Champ Kind 184 Phil Bomberger Penn State
    Champ Kind 197 Chad Beatty Iowa
    Champ Kind 197 Cody Gardner Ohio State
    Champ Kind 285 Dave Zabriskie Iowa State

    Gold 125 Joey Fio Oklahoma
    Gold 133 Reece Humphrey Ohio State
    Gold 141 J Jaggers Ohio State University
    Gold 141 Drew Lashaway, Kent State
    Gold 149 Brent Metcalf Iowa
    Gold 157 Adam Hall Boise State
    Gold 157 Kody Hamrah, NC State
    Gold 165 Colt Sponseller THE Ohio State University
    Gold 174 Mike Miller Central Michigan
    Gold 174 Kurt Brenner WVU
    Gold 184 Doug Umbehauer Rider
    Gold 184 Tommy Spellman, Virginia Tech
    Gold 197 Brandon Halsey, Cal State-Bakersfield
    Gold 197 Brent Chriswell Boise State
    Gold 285 Jermail Porter Kent State

    Herkey #1 125 Chuck Falck Iowa
    Herkey #1 133 Nick Fanthorpe Iowa State
    Herkey #1 141 Corey Jantzen Harvard
    Herkey #1 141 Trent Washington UNI
    Herkey #1 149 Jason Chamberlain Boise State
    Herkey #1 157 Jordan Leen Cornell
    Herkey #1 165 Moza Fay Northern Iowa
    Herkey #1 174 Duke Burke Iowa State
    Herkey #1 174 Steve Luke Michigan
    Herkey #1 184 Alex Dolly Northern Iowa
    Herkey #1 184 Phil Keddy Iowa
    Herkey #1 197 Andrew Anderson UNI
    Herkey #1 197 Jon Oplinger Drexel
    Herkey #1 285 Dan Erekson Iowa
    Herkey #1 285 Christian Brantley UNI

    MatEater 125 Brad Pataky Penn State
    MatEater 125 Troy Dolan Missouri
    MatEater 133 Jake Strayer Penn State
    MatEater 133 Tyler Shinn Oklahoma State
    MatEater 141 Tyler Nauman Pittsburgh
    MatEater 149 Bubba Jenkins Penn State
    MatEater 157 Cyler Sanderson Iowa State
    MatEater 165 Brandon Mason Oklahoma State
    MatEater 165 Jarrod King Edinboro
    MatEater 174 Quentin Wright Penn State
    MatEater 174 Dave Rella Ohio State
    MatEater 184 Jake Herbert Northwestern
    MatEater 197 Clayton Foster Oklahoma State
    MatEater 197 Ryan Goodman NC State
    MatEater 285 Jared Rosholt Oklahoma State 125 Jarrod Garnett Virginia Tech 125 Scotti Sentes CMU 133 Jimmy Kennedy Illinois 133 Joe Baker Navy 141 Cody Cleveland UTC 149 Steve Brown CMU 149 Heinrich Barnes Oregon State 157 Mike Poeta Illinois 165 Trevor Stewart Central Michigan 165 Chris Brown Old Dominion 174 Chris Heinrich Virginia 184 Chris Honeycutt Edinboro 184 Louis Caputo Harvard 197 Dallas Herbst Wisconsin 285 John Wise Illinois

    RD149-2 125 Angel Escobedo Indiana
    RD149-2 133 Franklin Gomez Michigan State Fightin' Minkle's
    RD149-2 133 Dan Mitcheff Kent State
    RD149-2 141 Mike Thorn Minnesota
    RD149-2 149 Matt Cathell Delaware State
    RD149-2 149 Matt Kyler Army
    RD149-2 157 Dan Vallimont Penn State
    RD149-2 157 JP O'Connor Harvard
    RD149-2 165 Stephen Dwyer Nebraska
    RD149-2 174 Brandon Browne Nebraska
    RD149-2 174 Jeff James Oklahoma
    RD149-2 184 Mike Pucillo Ohio State
    RD149-2 197 Jake Varner Iowa State
    RD149-2 197 Dustin Porter Gardner-Webb
    RD149-2 285 Mitch Monteiro Cal State Bakersfield

    sgallan 125 Anthony Robles Arizona State
    sgallan 125 Connor McDonald Lehigh
    sgallan 133 Andrew Hochstrasser Boise State
    sgallan 133 Boris Novachkov Cal Poly
    sgallan 141 Nick Gallick Iowa State
    sgallan 141 Troy Tirapelle Illinois
    sgallan 149 Darrion Caldwell NC State
    sgallan 157 Chase Paimi Cal Poly
    sgallan 165 Andrew Howe Wisconsin
    sgallan 165 Kyle Deberry Arizona State
    sgallan 174 Nate Lee Boise State
    sgallan 184 Kirk Smith Boise State
    sgallan 197 Max Askren Missoura
    sgallan 285 Joe Fendone Edinboro
    sgallan 285 Ryan Flores Columbia

    tigerfan 125 Tyler Clark Iowa State
    tigerfan 125 Paul Donahoe Edinboro
    tigerfan 133 Jayson Ness Minnesota
    tigerfan 141 Marcus Hoehn Missouri
    tigerfan 141 Chris Drouin Arizona State
    tigerfan 149 Kyle Terry Oklahoma
    tigerfan 149 Kyle Ruschell Wisconsin
    tigerfan 157 Gregor Gillespie Edinboro Fightin' Scots
    tigerfan 157 Kurt Kinser Indiana
    tigerfan 165 Nick Marable Missouri
    tigerfan 174 Raymond Jordan Missouri
    tigerfan 184 Josh Patterson Binghamton
    tigerfan 197 Craig Brester Nebraska
    tigerfan 285 Mark Ellis Missouri
    tigerfan 285 Dom Bradley Missouri

    vaisforlovers 125 James Nicholson Old Dominion
    vaisforlovers 125 Rollie Peterkin Penn
    vaisforlovers 133 King Lou Ruggirello Hofstra
    vaisforlovers 141 Zach Tanelli Wisconsin
    vaisforlovers 149 Mitch Mueller Iowa State
    vaisforlovers 157 Matt Moley Bloomsburg
    vaisforlovers 157 Newly McSpadden Oklahoma St
    vaisforlovers 165 Colby Covington Iowa
    vaisforlovers 184 Rocco Caponi Virginia
    vaisforlovers 197 Logan Brown Purdue
    vaisforlovers 197 Patrick Bond Illinois
    vaisforlovers 285 Nathan Everhart Indiana
    vaisforlovers 149 Bryce Saddoris Navy
    vaisforlovers 141 Ryan Williams Old Dominon
    vaisforlovers 165 Matt Epperly Virginia Tech

    Zapp Brannigan 125 Obenson Blanc Oklahoma State
    Zapp Brannigan 125 Brandon Precin Northwestern
    Zapp Brannigan 133 Dan Dennis Iowa
    Zapp Brannigan 141 Alex Tsirtsis Iowa
    Zapp Brannigan 149 Lance Palmer Ohio State
    Zapp Brannigan 157 Jason Welch Northwestern
    Zapp Brannigan 157 Michael Chandler Missouri
    Zapp Brannigan 165 Ryan Morningstar Iowa
    Zapp Brannigan 165 Jon Reader Iowa State
    Zapp Brannigan 174 Jay Borschel Iowa
    Zapp Brannigan 184 David Craig Lehigh
    Zapp Brannigan 184 Joe Leblanc Wyoming
    Zapp Brannigan 197 Eric Lapotsky Oklahoma
    Zapp Brannigan 197 Tyrel Todd Michigan
    Zapp Brannigan 285 Konrad Dudziak Duke
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