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Actually looking at from a seeding stand point you are probably right. I was thinking that his matches with Rosholt were close & that maybe he could finally pull one out.

Even so you would think that he would have at least given me 3 points. I should have probably gone with Delaney as the 285 & Blanton as my flex. He scored 9 points. If Beatty would performed as expected I should have had @ least 19 points from him. Hindsight = 20/20.

If Gold wins he can give me half the prize....
Theres something about Z that Ellis simply cannot handle. I would also like Ellis against Rosholt much more than against Z.

I dont know who is going to win heavyweight but I REALLY don't think it will be Rosholt. I've seen him gas WAAAYY too many times. And though he may be a bit more talented, it is not by much.