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Discuss Trade at the Fantasy League Gold within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by Herkey#1 Although I don't think we can block this trade from going ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herkey#1 View Post
    Although I don't think we can block this trade from going through as long as both parties agree (I could be wrong...Gold?) We could eliminate both parties from being a part of our league next season if they agree to what is obvious dumping on accboys part with Gobigred being the beneficiary. I know that accboy was in this league last season and I would hope that he would want to be in it again next season. I would also like to have gobigred in the league again next year. I think it makes it more fun to have alot of the same guys from year to year. However I do not want these two in our league if they are willing to make shady transactions such as this one.

    I mean come on Dake and Simaz for Parks and Brown! Do you think were fucking idiots?

    I do reserve the right to veto trades. Per the rules:

    "For the most part, trading is allowed freely. However, any trade deemed detrimental to the spirit of competition will be rejected. The commissioner reserves the right to reject any and all trades."

    Pending what accboy says on the matter, I'm probably going to veto this trade because it is pretty lopsided and so close to the end of the year.

    Another thing. I don't think we should be talking about eliminating anyone from being a part of the league next season at this point. In general, I favor eliminating people based on non-participation, but that's not the issue here. In fact, gobigred has been a very active player, has been very positive and fair in all he's done (this trade excluded, but I'll get back to that), and has been very helpful in tallying up scores the last few weeks.

    With regards to this particular trade, of course it's lopsided, but if it happened as gbr says (and I believe him), and accboy approached him with this trade, I don't know how at fault he is for accepting a great deal that someone else offers him. Based on all the interactions I've had with gobigred, I seriously doubt that he "hustled" this trade or lied about how it happened.

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    If you are able to veto a trade, I don't want to eliminate players either. But if you were not able to veto this trade and they went through with it I wouldnt want to play with either one of them next year. I agree that gobigred has been an active player in this league and active players is what makes it fun. But this trade is for the birds. Why would accboy be trading his best wrestlers away? He's not making room under the salary cap. He's not the Twins. This trade makes no sense and is rightfully being scrutenized. It sure appears that these two are in kahoots.

    I like the way our league is set up with free agents and so forth, but I suggest a trade deadline next season.

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    Zapp vetoed some trades last year as well, so it's not unprecedented either(even though I don't think we have had any vetoed thus far)
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    I will spare Gold the need to veto the trade and will withdraw it. I enjoy playing in this league and would like to keep doing so, at least for the remainder of this season.

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