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Thread: Team recaps/trash talk

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    Default Team recaps/trash talk

    125- Chris Notte, OkSt and Conor Beebe, CMU

    Notte's dropping down from 133, ranked #1 in the Big12 preseason. Beebe is also dropping down from 133, ranked #2 in the MAC.

    133 - Jordan Oliver, OkSt

    Oliver's potential is obvious, but as of now he's ranked behind Fanthorpe and Schavrien in the Big12.

    141- Mike Thorn, MN

    Thorn has shown he can be competitive with the best at this weight. I think he'll be more consistent this year and firmly establish himself as one of the top 8. As of now ranked only #5 in Big10.

    149- Donnie Vinson, Binghamton and Nick Stabile, UNC

    Vinson is ranked #3 in the CAA, but after a stellar RS, I expect he'll be the man to beat. Stabile had 27 wins last year and is ranked #1 in the ACC.

    157- JP O'Connor, Harvard

    O'Connor failed to AA last year in the brutal 157 class, but it clears out this year and O'Connor is ranked #1 in the EIWA and #4 in the country.

    165- Nick Marable, MO and Michael Chaires, UVA

    Marable, 2-time Big12 Champ and ranked #7, will be on the podium, question is will it be the top step? Chaires is ranked #2 in the ACC and has a great training situation, I think he'll improve tremendously.

    174- Mike Letts, Maryland and Dorian Henderson, MO

    Letts is #1 in the ACC and #6 nationally. Henderson is ranked #20, but with Pell back in Columbia, I expect big things from this youngster.

    184- Max Askren, MO

    I've been saying he should have been 184 all along, so now Max gets to prove it. No reason to doubt a top 3 finish.

    197- Hudson Taylor, Maryland

    Taylor's been 3rd the last 2 years and a dangerous pinner. If he stays consistent, could find himself in the finals.

    Hwt- Christian Brantley, UNI and Josh Arnone, Cornell

    Brantley's only a Soph, and will win the WWC with ease. Arnone is a big question mark, but he's ranked #2 in the EIWA already and could prove the surprise of the season.

    Overall, I see AA's at 133,157,165,174,184,197 very likely. 141 and Hwt are possible, 125 and 149 would be pleasant surprises. Not as strong as last year's team, but more upside potential. Let's get it on!

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    Default Re: Team recaps/trash talk

    I think I'll save any trash talk for after my dominating performance this coming March.

    Here is an annotated look at my roster:

    125: Steve Bonnano, BJ Futrell
    I made my own set of rankings for this draft. When I was choosing 125, I had the option of Futrell, Triggas, Beebe, Bonnano, and someone else who I can't remember. Anyway, I had them all ranked in a row, so it was a tough decision. I was very impressed with Futrell's athleticism last year, so I was tempted to take him. The homer in had me picking Triggas--and he will get some pins for sure. Both of those guys are in the Big 10, though. Bonnano is a guy who won 30 matches (he split matches with both Triggas and Futrell) last year with a good sprinkling of bonus points. He wrestles a lot of matches and not as hard of a schedule as the other guys, and that is ultimately why I picked him. I picked up Futrell a round or 2 later, so it worked out alright.

    133: Dan Mitcheff
    Go Ohio! Kent State's Mitcheff was a round of 12er last year, and I think he has a good shot at AAing this year. Also, he will have a good shot at defending his MAC title (though I believe Sentes is bumping up this year). He was a great value in the late round when I took him.

    141: Garrett Scott, Michael Mangrum
    I see a lot of potential at this weight--it could be boom or bust. Scott is obviously incredibly talented, and that's the side of him that I'm hoping shows up in Edinboro this year. If not, top recruit Mangrum should win me some matches in the PAC10.

    149: Lance Palmer
    One of the most reliable wrestlers out there. He also happens to wrestle for my favorite team. Lance is a verrry safe pick for the #2 149 in the country. Yes, Ruschell beat him (controversially) at NCAA's last year, but Lance had 2 shutout wins against him and was up 5-0 in the 3rd place match before somehow falling apart.

    157: Cyler Sanderson
    The Big 10 is very weak at 157 this year, and Sanderson should begin the year as the leading candidate to win the conference. tOSU's Nemec and Gopher Olympian Deitchler are question marks with a lot of potential. I like to think Sanderson is a safe bet to AA, and he should be, but he does have a tendency to underperform.

    165: Dan Vallimont
    One of my "dim" horses. Not quite dark, but dim. He was an animal 2 years ago at 157, but struggled with the weight last year. He took some time to adjust to 165, but by March he was putting together some quality wins. I'm hoping a summer spent getting bigger and a new coaching staff help him return to form. In my mind, he's as good of a guess as anyone outside Schlatter at 165, but who knows what's going to happen in that ridiculous weight class.

    174: David Erwin, Dave Rella
    Another Ohio guy, Erwin is definitely one of my dark horses. I figured people would forget about him after he was injured last year, but I think he will AA and contend for the Big 10 title.

    The Ohio-born PSU transfer Rella has all of the physical tools to be an elite 174, he just has mental lapses and was thus quite inconsistent last year. One week he would wrestle Steve Luke as tough as anyone in the country did all year, the next week he would lose to someone he probably should have majored. I'm hoping that a full year training between Sponseller and Pucillo will make him very solid. Before 174 became a decent weight class, I thought he had a decent shot at AAing this year (assuming he became more consistent), but with Lewnes, Blanton, and Letts moving in, he has a lot to prove.

    184: Clayton Foster, Tommy Spellman
    I don't really know much about Foster, but I picked 184 pretty late and he was the best on my rankings. I picked Spellman up last year as a back up to Doug Umbehauer, and he ended up winning the ACC for me. I look for him to repeat this year and bring me a lot of regular season points through an easy schedule.

    197: Jake Varner, Alan Gelogaev
    These were my top 2 ranked 197s. Kevin Jackson should help Varner grow a lot; after spending 4 years with Cael, Kevin should offer him a whole new lot of information. I think that will result in him putting up a LOT of bonus points. Not really much to say here.

    Gelogaev is a different story. There are a lot of rumors about what he does in the Okie State room (i.e. dominating Rosholt), and knowing that he tossed Hrovat around a little, I believe them. Sure, folkstyle will be an adjustment, but he's been training in it for over a year now, and I think he will put up big points from his feet.

    285: Konrad Dudziak
    I'm not as high on Dudziak as most people, but he fought through an injury last year to finish 2nd at NCAAs. It was tough to decide between him and Dan Erekson, who I expected to put up a lot of bonus points in the Big 10 and place high at NCAAs, but thankfully I made the lucky choice. Heavyweight is pretty open this year, and Dudziak might be as good of a bet to win it as anyone.


    Overall, I'm pleased with the team. It's hard to compare with last year. Realistically, a 4-finalist, 9 AA performance will be tough to replicate. I like my team as much as anyone's, though, and we have no glaring weaknesses. I see 10 people for whom, at this early point, AAing isn't out of the question.

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    Default Re: Team recaps/trash talk

    125: Michael Martinez, Eric Morrill
    Martinez is a guy who had a great summer, beat Sanders over the summer, very reasonable chance to AA. Morrill is a guy who had a decent season 2 years ago and trained exclusively with Paul Donahoe for a season which is invaluable. Both of these guys wrestle tons of matches and can both provide 30+ wins.
    133: Jayson Ness-I dont know if Ness will win 133 but he will pin lots of people along the way. Busy schedule, lots of bonus points and as good a chance as any to win the 133 title.
    141: Jamal Parks-Phenomenal athlete with phenomenal upside, not a bad schedule, not many bonus but he'll beat a lot of guys and should be a low AA and was a steal imo for when I got him.
    149: Kyle Ruschell, Desi Green-Ruschell is in that upper echelon w/ palmer but behind metcalf. Hes an awesome counter wrestler good schedule and he's got a chance to make the finals if he can beat Palmer. Desi Green is an athletic guy who i got in the 15th and he had 40 wins last year. He'll be a good sub/flex guy.
    157: Adam Hall-157 has one guy and then a bunch of guys of similar capabilites. Adam is one of those who has as good a chance as any to make the finals against burroughs. He should win the Pac 10s as i think he's considerably better than Pami, but he'll have to prove it.
    165: Chris Brown-Giant killer. Has beaten top level guys but has not put it together at NCAAs. Yet. 165 is stacked as all get out and some good guys will get beat and upset, and he could be the one to do it. He gets lots of wins but not many bonus points.
    174: Mack Lewnes, Luke Manuel-I think Lewnes has a great chance to win this entire weight. Sick last year and possibly pulling too much weight he should excel at 174. Jay Borschel will be his biggest competition. Cornells schedule has lots of weeks off which is why I got Luke Manuel, very solid wrestler with an outside shot at aa this year. Busy schedule, decent bonus.
    184: Louis Caputo/Pat Bradshaw-Caputo is a 2 time AA but he's hurt...soo we wont see him till 2nd semester where he should become a 3 time aa somewhere in the top 5 range. Bradshaw will wrestle a great schedule for edinboro and is a guy who will win 30+ matches
    197: Chad Beatty, OH NO! This guy has a great motor and great talent. He is nice and healthy and poised or an AA finish in the top 6 or so. Good schedule.
    285: Ben Berhow, Scott Steele-Ben Berhow really only has one noted flaw but it is a glaring weakness: He scores less against great opponents. I know, I know very strange. However he's very active and aggressive and will do a nice job filling in until Scott Steele works his way into my line up. Steele was a preseason favorite last year and had a bad injury. If he comes back like himself he was an AA steal in the round i got him in.

    I like my team top to bottom. 84/65 are my weak spots and I still really like my options there. I like my team to accumulate A LOT of points over the course of this season.
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    Default Re: Team recaps/trash talk

    me name be Thaxton , of the Corkshire Thaxtons.
    I begin me line up with the returning champion at 125 -tnick followed by a wee lad with a chip on his shoulder , one Daniel Dennis -a fine Irish lad , 141 makes no difference as they all beat up each other and no real champion to be had -so I have 2 , Diaz and Melde-with a first name of Trevor the lad fought a lot in grade school.Then I have a big fish who has moved from his wee pond ,Matthew Cathell,named after a SAINT,don't ya know ,I backed him up with a comer ,Mario Mason .If my 157 dwelt any where but the big 12 he would be a household name for the whippin he laid on young Sanderson last season .All M* does is win .174 , a sophomore forcing a SENIOR out of his weight ? Dominated the summer circuit -My nephew Jordan Blanton ,your big 10 champion at 174 , as Illinois is known to wrestle few matches and no schedule was available I took a m,onster entering the work of the Lord ,Austin Trotman ,NCAA qualifier as a freshman at 84 then dropped to 74 and was 12-2 before injury shelved him then one of the big 2 at 84 Keddy , another fine Irish lad with the temper to match and has improved every year , this is the year he beats Pucillo for the big 10 and national titles ,197 Cayle Byers from Alaska -hard terrain makes for a hard man ,plus his name rhymes with Ale.Hwt ,little Z in the words of Dan Gable , Has redoubled his efforts after winning the big 12 then watch another big 12 guy win the nationals ,a hard blow THAT. My last pick went to a young man who went from 5-10 to 26-17 in one year , Nathen Everhart , since he has no coach to speak of , all the more impressive . Thaxton's ass kickers .

    P.S.-Me good mate ,Russ , told me I had forgotten a guy -165 -Paul Young -with 9 falls and 7 techs he is the counter part to Morningstar's lul a fellow to sleep style -plus ,his team wrestles the In. chapter of the quadrapeligic society -plus the man has the Devil's red hair and won 29 matches in his first season on varsity .
    Luck to all and may ye be in Heaven a day before the Devil knows you are dead . Thaxton..
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    Default Re: Team recaps/trash talk

    Russ I'm very impressed at your creativity.

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    vais Caputo isn't hurt

    Its an elligibility thing
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoSt View Post
    vais Caputo isn't hurt

    Its an elligibility thing
    Don't get smart with me burns.
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    Thats MR. Burns to you young man
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoSt View Post
    Thats MR. Burns to you young man
    Mr? I think you and Gage are in the same Science class.
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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