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Discuss Draft order (Underway) at the Fantasy League Gilby within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I used to generate our draft order since it seemed to be the only ...
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    Default Draft order (Underway)

    I used to generate our draft order since it seemed to be the only fair way to do it. We can discuss for future years if we want to do reverse placing order or keep using

    1) Starting Time. The draft will begin Wednesday, October 24th, at 9 a.m. Central Time.

    2) Time Limit. You have 3 hours from the time of the pick before you to make your pick. If not, the person after you is free to make their pick, and so on and so forth. You may make your missed pick at any time, but you are missing out on wrestlers.

    Furthermore, official time limits will only apply between 9 am and 9 pm Central Time. If your pick is scheduled outside of those hours, you may make that pick, but no time limit will be enforced on the next league member until the official opening.

    Ex: If Dick makes his pick at 8:30 pm, then Dan is not required to make his pick at 11:30 pm, but by 11:30 pm (just after midday) on the next draft day. 1/2 hour from the night before WILL count on your time limit. However, Dan is free to make his pick at any time, say at 1:30 in the morning. Then, Tim may make his pick at any time before 9 am, or he has until 12:00 pm on the next day.

    3) If you can't be at your computer and need to take the full 3 hours, fine. The intent of the 3 hour limit is for people who simply cannot get to the computer to make a good pick because they are at work, on the road, etc. HOWEVER, if you have been notified that it is your turn and are able to look at the computer, please try to make your pick within a half an hour. That should be more than enough computer time to make an educated decision. The intent of the 3 hour time allowance is to accommodate schedules, not to give you 3 hours to deliberate on each pick.

    4) When it's your turn, you will receive a text or voxer message alerting you. This will help us keep the draft running smooth. If something about the draft days or phone system isn't going to work for you, let me know and we will try to accommodate you.

    5) Starting next season you will be awarded a keeper. You will have to declare your keeper before the draft begins and you will forfeit your pick two rounds previous to the round you selected your wrestler in the previous years draft. No keepers will be allowed if the wrestler was selected in the first two rounds of the previous season. For example: If you select Dylan Alton in the 13th round this year and want to keep him next year you will use your 11th round pick to keep him next season.

    Let me know if you have questions or think I'm missing something here.

    Date & Time:

    • Begins Wednesday, October 24th, at 9 am Central
    • Will run from 9 am-9 pm Central every week day until the draft is over.
    • Picks won't be timed on weekends, but we want to make as many picks on the weekend as we can.

    Draft Order

    1. RG
    2. Helg
    3. Tiny
    4. Herkey#1
    5. Haus
    6. Yoces
    7. dback5
    8. Chop
    9. Fluff
    10. Dick

    The draft won't officially start until Wed morning but if you are ready to make a pick and it is your turn you may make your selection but no time will be kept until Wed. Use this thread to post your draft picks if at all possible. If you arent at your computer but can notify someone to post it for you that is okay too.
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    Default Re: Draft order

    The Draft is under way, though we won't be keeping time until Wed morning at 9am. Some of you are still unable to get signed in but I am in contact with JensenS about that. Hopefully we will get it figured out soon. I will notify you by text or voxer when it is your turn. You won't be on the clock until tomorrow but starting tomorrow morning you will get 3 hrs to make your pick. Please do not take the entire three hours if you don't have to. I will keep a list of selected wrestlers right here.

    Round 1
    RG - David Taylor
    Helg - Kyle Dake
    Tiny - Matt McDonough
    Herk - Ed Ruth
    Mossy - Logan Steiber
    Yoces - Dustin Kilgore
    dback5 - Derek St. John
    Chop - Tony "The Tiger" Ramos
    Fluff - Jordan Oliver
    Dick - Dylan Ness

    Round 2
    Dick - Steve Bosak
    Fluff - Quentin Wright
    Chop - Jesse "The Body" Delgado
    dback5 - Alan Gelogaev
    Yoces - Chris Perry
    Mossy - Hunter Steiber
    Herk - Kendric Maple
    Tiny - Tyler Caldwell
    Helg - Tony Nelson
    RG - Donnie Vinson

    Round 3
    RG - Scottie Sentes
    Helg - Nico Megaludis
    Tiny - Chris Dardanes
    Herk - Dylan Alton
    Mossy - Jason Chamberlain
    Yoces - Tyler Graff
    dback5 - Michael Mangrum
    Chop - Jason "The Snake" Welch
    Fluff - Robert Hamlin
    Dick - Jordan Blanton

    Round 4
    Dick - Joe Colon
    Fluff - Jarrod Garnett
    Chop - Kevin "The Hammer" Steinhaus
    dback5 - Matt Wilps
    Yoces - Alan Waters
    Mossy - Logan Storley
    Herk - Mike Evans
    Tiny - Josh Asper
    Helg - BJ Futrell
    RG - Ben Bennett

    Round 5
    RG -
    James Green
    Helg - Cam Tessari
    Tiny - James Flemming
    Herk - Scott Sakaguchi
    Mossy - David Thorn
    Yoces - Andrew Alton
    dback5 - Nick Heflin
    Chop - Nick "The Slick" Dardanes
    Fluff - Matt Brown
    Dick - Jarod Trice

    Round 6
    Dick - Steve Bonanno
    Fluff - RJ Pena
    Chop - Ethen "The Bonehead" Lofthouse
    dback5 - Pete Yates
    Yoces - A.J. Schopp
    Mossy - Robert Kokesh
    Herk - Grant Gambrall
    Tiny - Mike Nevinger
    Helg - Walter Peppelman
    RG - Bobby Telford

    Round 7
    RG - Alfonso Hernandez
    Helg - Shelton Mack
    Tiny - Brent Haynes
    Herk - Dom Bradley
    Mossy - Chad Hanke
    Yoces - Ryan Loder
    dback5 - Cole Von Ohlen
    Chop - Eric "The Gasser" Grajales
    Fluff -
    Steve Keith
    Dick -
    Jesse Dong

    Round 8

    Dick - Blake Rosholt
    Fluff -
    Conrad Polz
    Chop - Mike "The Leadfoot" McMullan
    dback5 -Mike Larson
    Yoces - Steve Monk
    Mossy - Alex Dierenger
    Herk - Nikko Triggas
    Tiny - Josh Ihnen
    Helg - Micah Burak
    RG - Turtogtokh Luvsandorj

    Round 9
    RG - Mitchell Port
    Helg - Dom Kastl
    Tiny - Nick Brascetta
    Herk - Oscar Huntley
    Mossy - Andrew Campolattano
    Yoces - Connor Medbery
    dback5 - Jon Morrison
    Chop - Mario "The Sleeper" Gonzalez
    Fluff - Jeremy Johnson
    Dick - Nick Sulzer

    Round 10
    Dick - Luke Goettl
    Fluff - Zach Zenner
    Chop - Cody "The Heartbreaker" Yohn
    dback5 - Nick Soto
    Yoces - Scott Schiller
    Mossy - Jacob Swartz
    Herk - Taylor Meeks
    Tiny - Levi Cooper
    Helg - Tony Dallago
    RG - Joe Roth

    Round 11
    RG - Jake Sueflon
    Helg - Matt Snyder
    Tiny - Josh Kindig
    Herk - Levi Wolfensperger
    Mossy - Mark Ballweg
    Yoces - Trent Sprenkle
    dback5 - Zach Neibert
    Chop - Levi "The Mission" Mele
    Fluff - Frank Hickman
    Dick -Nate McCormick

    Round 12
    Dick - David Bonin
    Fluff - Tyler Small
    Chop - John "The Mossy" Fausey
    dback5 - Justin Accordino
    Yoces - Zach Toal
    Mossy - David Habat
    Herk - John Martin Cannon
    Tiny - Nick Arujau
    Helg - Derek Valenti
    RG - Tyler Koehn

    Round 13
    RG - John Meeks
    Helg - ​Boaz Beard
    Tiny - John Nicholson
    Herk - Odie Delaney
    Mossy - Lee Munster
    Yoces - Ben Apland
    dback5 - Zac Thomusseit
    Chop - Nick "The Trick" Lester
    Fluff - Brian Owen
    Dick - Justin LaValle

    Round 14
    Dick - Ryak Finch
    Fluff -
    Joe Booth
    Chop - Derek "The Cleric" Garcia
    dback5 - Mark Rappo
    Yoces - Taylor Massa
    Mossy - Jesse Thielke
    Herk - Kenny Courts
    Tiny - Josh Demas
    Helg - Sean Boyle
    RG - John Greisheimer

    Round 15
    RG - Brent Chriswell
    Helg -
    Cashe Quiroga
    Tiny - Nate Brown
    Herk - Pat Rollins
    Mossy - Kyven Gadsen
    Yoces - Matt Lester
    dback5 - Cody Brewer
    Chop - Jason "The Mason" Tsirtsis
    Fluff - Evan Henderson
    Dick - ​Cody Caldwell

    Round 16
    Dick - Andrew Howe
    Fluff -
    Tanner Weatherman
    Chop -
    Sam "The Slam" Brooks
    dback5 -
    Greg Zanetti
    Yoces - Mario Mason
    Mossy - Ian Paddock
    Herk - Christian Boley
    Tiny - Ernest James
    Helg - Jimmy Sheptock
    RG - Jimmy Gulibon
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    Default Re: Draft order

    With the first pick in the inagural Fantasy League Gilby draft. RG takes The Unicorn, David Taylor. He doesnt pump his gas he pumps his fist.

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    Default Re: Draft order (Underway)

    Did the account that I tried to create for your one guy work?

    I haven't heard from Herkey since I did it so I haven't moved to do the others. If it worked, I'll fire up accounts for your other people that need them.
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    Default Re: Draft order (Underway)

    JensenS I've been in the Cities since Friday afternoon so I haven't been able to get on the site. I did however get a text from Ryan Helge16 saying that it still didnt work for him.

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    Default Re: Draft order (Underway)

    My Roster

    125: Alan Waters, Trent Sprenkle
    133: A.J. Schopp
    141: Tyler Graff
    149: Andrew Alton, Mario Mason
    157: Steve Mock, Matt Lester
    165: Zach Toal, Taylor Massa
    174: Chris Perry
    184: Ryan Loder
    197: Dustin Kilgore, Scott Schiller
    Hwt: Connor Medberry, Ben Apland

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