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Thread: Perry leaving Penn State

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    Default Perry leaving Penn State

    Perry leaving Penn State
    Posted 4/22/2009 10:03 PM CDT on
    Cael Sanderson's coaching staff at Penn State won't include Mark Perry.

    The former Iowa star informed the new wrestling coach of the Nittany Lions on Tuesday that he intends to pursue other coaching opportunities and won't return to Penn State next season.

    Perry, a two-time NCAA champion with the Hawkeyes, was in his first year as an assistant with the Nittany Lions under Troy Sunderland, who resigned as the Penn State coach earlier this month. Sanderson was introduced as the new coach of the Nittany Lions Monday and said he will bring assistants Cody Sanderson and Casey Cunningham with him from Iowa State.

    "I wanted to be at Penn State, I enjoyed it, I became close with some of the younger kids like Quentin Wright, Brad Pataky, Frankie Molinaro and some of the kids who redshirted," Perry said. "But he's bringing his own staff. I don't think (staying at Penn State in a lesser role) is the right step in what my overall goals are. It eliminates me being able to coach in the corner and recruit, which is crucial for where I'm trying to get. I've got to move forward to better things to get where I want to be."
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    Default Re: Perry leaving Penn State

    Cael should have tried to keep him.
    I think this is a mistake for PSU.

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    Default Re: Perry leaving Penn State

    Sanderson has a pretty close crew, and the brothers stick together.
    Perry should have great opportunities somewhere else.

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    I know that, but from a PSU perspective it would be nice to have A)some familiarity and continuity with the staff and B) a guy who in one year had pretty good results with the guys he worked with.

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    Default Re: Perry leaving Penn State

    I assume they wanted perry to stay on as either Volunteer Assistant or a non "coaching position. Perry said he didn't want to stay in a lesser role.
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    that's more of an insult than anything. They offered him a job that they knew he woudn't take to get him out of their hair.

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    Default Re: Perry leaving Penn State

    Think we see him join his uncle and brother at Oklahoma State?

    You have to wonder if Perry was leaking secrets to little Perry about how to beat Q Wright.
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    I believe Sanderson will keep someone from the current staff in order to maintain continuity, etc, but if you want someone for those purposes, and someone who knows the campus, the routine of the athletic dept, etc, it makes more sense to keep someone who's been there longer than one year.

    I agree I hate to see Perry leave, but Cael isn't going to "demote" one of the two assistants that he's bringing with him.
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    Default Re: Perry leaving Penn State

    Sucks for both PSU and Perry but its understandable. Cael is bringing a lot of staff with him and there are only so many paid coaching positions to go around.

    I think Perry has a bright future as a coach, so I'm sure he'll find a job somewhere.
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