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Discuss Old subject, new thoughts. at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Ok, so I'm super bored tonight. And thanks to our own Stardust, (I love you!) ...
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    Ok, so I'm super bored tonight. And thanks to our own Stardust, (I love you!) I got to see this match again.

    Now, I was at this tournament. I remember being outraged at the warning and point. And I remember the years of discussion about Hendrick's run to the championship and what an over all douche bag he was and fun new vocabulary (Kesseled!!).

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    Thanks to stardust, I finally got a chance to see this match again. Upon further thought. I think the stall call was appropriate, it was just called late. The action was entirley Hendricks and that shot that Abdurakmanov took was a re-shot.

    I'm not prepared to discuss the finals match (kesseled!!) but now that I look at it, and have had a few years to calm down. I don't resent this victory as badly.

    but I still hate Kevin Tann.

    Sorry, I don't know how to embed the video. If anyone can help, that would be great. Above is the direct link.
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    Default Re: Old subject, new thoughts.

    You're welcome for helping you through your boredom!

    I finished processing and uploading all the matches from 2006 yesterday, and when I got to 165 and was watching it, I got all worked up again. Funny how it can come back to you just like it was yesterday. I remember that 165 final as clearly as any from this year.
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    Default Re: Old subject, new thoughts.

    I don't think looking at it as a single isolated event from all the others matches in the tournament is neccessarily fair. You have to take the match in context. Relative to the way other matches were called in that tournament, was that call fair and consistent?
    The refs are generally very reluctant to call stalling at this level, so I doubt that this was a good call.

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