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Thread: OSU Buckeye Wrestling for 2008-9

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    Default Re: OSU Buckeye Wrestling for 2008-9

    I don't really need to write mine up. Jensen and I think exactly the same on almost every guy.

    Morrison is the guy that I would add to the maybe AA list. HWT will be pretty wide open after Rosholt, Z and Massey. He impressed me at the wrestle off this year, I think he was actually leading Bergman when JD's knee got tweaked so he's got the ability. He's also had the benefit of some of the best drilling partners in the country for a HWT and there will be plenty of depth at the weight class to push him.

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    Default Re: OSU Buckeye Wrestling for 2008-9

    Triggas will AA next year, I have no doubt. He will end up having a Jaggers like career.
    I'm JeepCreep, and I approve this message.

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    Default Re: OSU Buckeye Wrestling for 2008-9

    Solid and sober assessment by JensenS. Should be a very good team for OSU next year. I'm not as big on Triggas or Weakly as others are, but his assessment of the others looks spot on to me.

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    I think the reason that a lot of people like Triggas to improve so much, looking at this thread and the "Most Improved Next Year" thread is that he's already shown the possibilities of being a pretty dominant mat wrestler.

    His toughness on top is a huge advantage for him, so if he cleans up his neutral work and adds a go to TD to his arsenal he'll be very tough to beat.

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