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Thread: Attending NCAAs 2009

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    Default Attending NCAAs 2009

    Hey guys when do ya'll typically buy your tickets for the next year? Is it still possible to get good seats right now? Any tips or information would be helpful. Also any good reccomendations about where to stay?

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    Tickets are on sale now, though I can't find the link. Here is the sports commission's page:

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    I order my NCAA tickets with my season tickets typically. That way you sit with your fans.
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    Do you think good spots are still available?...i just looked and it seemed that there was only space in the 300 sections...which are pretty terrible...Do they release the good seats typically later on? Or are the good sections already sold out?

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    Schools have blocks of seats reserved if you order season tickets you have a pretty good chance of getting some decent seats. Iowa gives priority to season ticket holders.
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    Well I live in season tickets arent going to be a very good investment for me...I just want some good seats for NCAA's.

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    I was just using that as an example. Do you have season tickets to Virginia Tech or another school. Check with them and see how you get NCAA tickets within your favorite schools block of tickets.
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    Virginia Tech's seating won't be very good next year! Go with a team that was in the top 10 and you will have better seats.
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    Default Re: Attending NCAAs 2009 do you just go in a teams section? I don't care really where I sit as long as they're good.

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