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Thread: What did you think of Fox and Bergman?

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    Quote Originally Posted by goferphan View Post
    ... and one of them said that they thought they could actually take either one of them.

    Of course I knew it was B.S. but to an outsiders perspective, I could see their point. No stalling calls in that match was ridiculous.
    I'm glad you realized that!

    Fox and can does score a lot of points (Look at Round 1 and 2 plus he led NW in takedowns this seasons) - when the match dictates it. What you have to understand is Dustin is a smart wrestler. He knows his opponents and adjust his style accordingly. Bergman is a great offensive wrestler, and Dustin knows that. While it appeared Bergman was setting the pace and pushing the action, I believe, it was Fox's game plan that allowed that to appear that way.
    All it would take was one bad move by a frustrated Bergman, a little mistake and Fox would take advantage of it. Bergman made that mistake, Fox took advantage of it and is now the Champion.
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    My point being beatoftheeast and GoKats was that Bergman had a tremendous season and was killing most guys with his aggressiveness. Don't say I don't know Bergman because I tracked every single match he had this season.

    My point was that why would he change then in the finals? He also did it in his prior match with Fox earlier in the season. I was disappointed that Bergman would not have tried to defeat Fox playing his own game rather than Fox's game.

    If I recall, Fox had three tech falls and two pins the entire season in 30 matches. The tech falls and pins were against no one you have heard of. Bergman was 29-2 with 10 falls and 1 tech fall. You tell me which wrestler wrestled his match in the finals?

    Thats all I am saying. Read my post again and then tell me that's not what I was saying.
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    Default Re: What did you think of Fox and Bergman?

    Id tell you what I think but it would just get deleted for being too harsh

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    I didn't realize that style points were given out....

    Hey, UGLY, one of your former wrestler's (from ASU) will be on the new season of "the Ultimate Fighter".

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    that was a good match though...

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