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Discuss Varner's style at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; That's a good question. I don't think he'll try to avoid anybody that's for sure. ...
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    Default Re: Varner's style

    That's a good question. I don't think he'll try to avoid anybody that's for sure. He beat Herbert is a close match for the Midland's title a couple of months ago.

    Quote Originally Posted by NUwildcats View Post
    is he going to move up or stay and try to out do Jake Herbert next year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pMADS3 View Post
    You have to crown a champion at some point. Those two should have just flipped a coin and saved me the agony.
    I agree with you to a point but, it's for matches like these why blame the wrestlers. It's been their style all year and is what has got them there. I think somehow the sport of wrestling needs to come up with more scoring oppurtunities which should make wrestlers become more active. Like a push out will get them half-a-point, or an ankle pick that does not quite become a TD gets 1/2 a point, or getting dragged back in by the leg gives your opponent 1/2 a point. Some more scoring options that might bring a completely defensive wrestler out of their shell and rewards an active wrestler. This does two things, virtually eliminates stalling attempts and total crowd boredom, and it should make it that much harder for the defensive wrestler to make it to the NCAA finals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyclone10 View Post
    His defense (The obvious reason I think Varner is a great wrestler)
    Being the agressor. (chuckin, shooten, sweepin, ie. trying to score pts.)
    Obviously, Varner's defense was no better than Pucillo's, and since neither wrestler made many offensive attempts, it doesn't really say that much.

    As for being the aggressor, I guess you could say he made more shrug and slide attempts, but neither of them was anything close to aggressive. "chuckin" is really the only one of the things you listed that describes Varner's performance. I just watched the match again. I won't claim that I was able to pay as good of attention to it as I would have liked because it's even more boring the second time, but by my count varner took 4 shots, 1 of which was out of desperation in the closing seconds of the match after Pucillo had assured riding time. Pucillo took 1 shot and 1 reshot, and was very close to taking Varner down twice (Once would have been a TD but was out of bounds, and the other was as the clock ran out in the very end. Both of them were in OT).

    Varner was never this close to taking Pucillo down, so I guess if either one of their defenses were better, it was Pucillo's.

    Again, I am really not saying that Pucillo was a clear winner here; six seconds is pretty inconsequential. Neither wrestler created much action, but Varner did work a little more to create it.

    I'm merely countering the argument that he was aggressive.

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    Varner will be the new DS if he doesn't reinvent himself. All decent 184's will just push around with him for two periods and then try there luck in the third period with a takedown attempt. He will still win alot of matches but he will also continue to start losing more often in my opinion.
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