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    After watching wrestling all weekend I think one of the biggest problems with wrestling on this level is how often the match is stopped when they go out of bounds and how often that this used as a defense. Often both guys seem to circle to the edge and then count on going out of bounds to counter any offense.

    Do others see this as a problem?
    My thoughts on possible solutions:

    1. One point push-out rule, similar to international wrestling. I like this becasue it prepares our guys for international wrestling. Also the few freestyle matches I have seen with the new rules, wrestlers stay inbounds, the matches finish a lot quicker, and push-out were not a deciding factor.

    2. If the action starts inbound, let it continue even though both wrestlers go out of bounds. The move would have to be continous and I know there are safety considerations, but Judo has this rule and it works.

    3. If wrestlers go out of bounds where one has a dominant position (i.e. single in the air) he gets one point. I believe they still have this rule in international.

    4. Call fleeing the mat a lot more aggressively.

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    Just my opinion, but if you followed #4 I think the the rest become unnecessary.

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    Make the mat bigger.

    I mean like double the size when space permits.

    (I was going to say to use a ring or a cage, but you guys would really think my ideas were stupid)

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    I like those ideas. For fleeing I would make the first time a warning, second 1 pt, third 2 points etc. Then the refs need to enforce it, and to ensure they do, I think whole matches should be videotaped, and the referees should be audited. If they are consistantly not making calls, they are warned, and have to go through remedial training. As far as the edge, I think the whole mat should be available for any kind of strategy or tactics the wrestler can employ. Just because a wrestler is backing up for the first two periods doesn't mean they're not planning a slip-by TD in the waning moments of the final period. The whole stalling thing in my opinion takes away defensive wrestling, and makes it all offense.
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    While I like the premise of a push out rule, I just don't see a good way to get it instituted in collegiate wrestling. To me, the biggest problem with the current pushout rule is that it's the same amount of points as a takedown. Even worse, it breaks ties in matches with only 1pt moves. That's just nuts, even if you made it 1pt in collegiate it is still essentially a TD because of the 1pt escape. I also don't like the idea of someone getting a single leg, walking their opponent out of bounds and getting a point for it...

    So basically I'm for it but I don't think any current scoring scenario works for me...

    And don't get me started on fleeing the mat - to me it's the dumbest rule in college wrestling by FAR. A big reason is that it's only called about 2% of the time right now. Lets be honest, someone flees the mat at least once a match to get out of a TD, yet you see it called maybe one out of every 20 matches. You either have to enforce it all the time or drop it, a random fleeing the mat call should NEVER decide the match.
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    I am all for shock collars and invisible fencing.
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    Default Re: Out of Bounds

    Can someone find the pic of Espo pulling Storniolo (I think) back on the mat while Storniolo was grabbing the edge of the mat? I' a plan.
    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ground&Pound View Post
    Make the mat bigger.

    I mean like double the size when space permits.
    Not sure that would help. Just imagine how tired a lot of these guys would get backing up to the edge, or heading that direction to counter a takedown!!

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    It's amazing how many pairs of wrestlers cram onto a mat for practice and they all seem to stay in their small area.

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