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Thread: Corey Jantzen: The next 4x champ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Has Nickerson even won A title yet?
    Yeah, he won five NYS high school titles, the EIWA once, the Southern Scuffle twice and Vegas once.

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    not last i checked...

    i agree with jensens...rather than giving them the "Possible 4x Champion" mantra from the get go lets let him try to win one first...
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    Quote Originally Posted by backpoints View Post
    Jantzen will not even win the e.i.w.a.s if tnick is @ 133, which it looks like he will be.{ just beat him @132 freestyle}
    Don't count Corey out against anyone. He has a knack for catching people. He just pinned former NCAA champ Ironside at that same freestyle tournament.

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    Corey to OTC this year, not Harvard

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