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Discuss Q&A w Ex-Hawkeye/Now MMA Star Paul Bradley at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; While attending Legends of Fighting on April 13, I had the opportunity to speak with ...
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    Default Q&A w Ex-Hawkeye/Now MMA Star Paul Bradley

    While attending Legends of Fighting on April 13, I had the opportunity to speak with Paul Bradley. Bradley is the current 185 lb. Amateur Belt holder with the LFC. Bradley is a great athlete looking to make his dream of becoming a great MMA fighter a reality.
    MM: Paul, great fight tonight. Congratulations on winning the 185 lb. title.
    PB: Hey thanks!
    MM: When did you start fighting in MMA?
    PB: I started training in Iowa at Miletich’s camp in March of 2006.
    MM: Cool, I have some good friends that train out there with those guys. It was a great opportunity for you to train out there with them.
    PB: Yes it was. I am currently training at Damage Incorporated in Indianapolis.
    MM: Who is the owner of Damage Incorporated?
    PB: Scott McCorkle, he is also the promoter of the LFC.
    MM: Where did you attend high school at?
    PB: I went to South Tama High School in Tama, Iowa.
    MM: I guess you were a wrestler in high school?
    PB: Yes I was. I went on to wrestle in college at Iowa. I was a 2 time All-American at Iowa.
    MM: Do you remember what your record was in college?
    PB: I think I was like 77-33.
    MM: What are trying to improve on right now?
    PB: Stand up! I want to stand with these guys and bang. I want to make the fights interesting for the fans. Tonight I was ready to stand with the guy. I did not get the chance, the guy charged me and I went back to what I know best.
    MM: After winning tonight, what is your record?
    PB: I am 3-0 right now.
    MM: What are your plans for the future?
    PB: I want to get big! Fight in some organizations that are big like the UFC. I also want to fight some of the guys that I wrestled against in college that are fighting in MMA now. There are a few that are on the top of my list.
    MM: Sounds like a little bad blood?
    PB: Little, just want to get some revenge from my wrestling days.
    MM: What do you see yourself doing when you get done fighting?
    PB: Well I want to be a head wrestling coach somewhere. I am currently the Assistant Head Wrestling Coach at Indiana University in Bloomington.
    MM: Thanks for taking time to speak with me. I really appreciate it. You have anything else that you want your fans to know about you that we have not covered?
    PB: No, not really. Thanks for interviewing me.
    MM: Good luck in MMA. I wish you well.
    PB: Thanks!
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