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Thread: Dungy mentions gopher wrestlers

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    Default Dungy mentions gopher wrestlers

    From an article in the pioneer press:

    Dungy follows his alma mater closely and said he was thrilled that Minnesota won the recent NCAA wrestling championship.

    "I'm pumped up about that national championship," he said. "I know how tough it is to win championships, so I'm very proud of them."


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    tony dungy IS class...

    Vikings f'd up big time when they kept Dennis Green and let Tony Dungy leave.

    I then moved to Tampa, FL and watched the Bucs let this guy go for John Gruden...

    I then watched him go to Indianapolis where he won a Super Bowl and the whole time he has never said a disparaging remark against his former employers and he proves you can do it without swearing or yelling.

    If I was half the man he was, I would still be walking on the shoulders of giants.
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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    Even as a Bear fan, I like the guy.

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