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    Fresh off a championship in Greco-Roman at the U.S. Nationals, Harry Lester joined Wrestling 411 on Thursday to talk about his comeback, the move up in weight and his decision to focus on Greco rather than chase the “glory” of freestyle and NCAA wrestling. Lester, surrounded by friends in Las Vegas, gave wrestling fans a great insight on how his mind works. Chris Pendleton, assistant coach at Oklahoma State, talks about his career in Stillwater, coaching and the season gone by for the Cowboys. Pendleton provided a spirited commentary on wrestling, his toughest opponents and the best Mexican restaurant in Stillwater.

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    There's an "easter egg" for you fans at the 1:16 mark ... some of you might get a kick out of it.

    Great show last night. Thanks for watching, listening, subscribing to the podcast.

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    Thanks for putting on a high quality wrestling program. My commutes wouldn't be the same w/o it.

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