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Thread: Perry Pleads Guilty To Public Intoxication

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    Well, one thing I noticed from the other board, was that the night after the arrest of any Iowa wrestler, it would be posted to the forum--as if someone were watching the police report on a regular basis, waiting for something to happen. In any case, the team is in the limelight in the wrestling world and missives are more likely to be publicized. On the other hand, I would expect a lot of teams to have zero incidences. I mean, we're talking about a sport were discipline is paramount. On the other hand, college age men are more likely than anyone to get into trouble.

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    Just to let anyone who's wondering how I came across the story...

    As a wrestling writer, I "subscribe" to notification services from various newspapers that cover amateur wrestling... including the Iowa City Press-Citizen. They published the story.

    ... and why I posted it here:

    To me, any news story involving any "recognizable" wrestler is newsworthy, and worth sharing here, whether it's an NCAA champ arrested for public intoxication, or a Pennsylvania HS state champ from a decade ago killed in a road-rage car accident.


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    If he woulda been a third string wrestler for the University of Iowa, I'm sure I'd hear a lot of the familiar tune, "punk got what he deserved" but since he's a national champion, hell he coulda been buck naked with "F" you written on his back doing laps around Coral ridge mall and, "ah, he's young, let him have fun".

    I like Perry, think very highly of him. Think he's a great leader most of the time and for the most part have nothing bad to say about him. Guess what? I still think what he did was stupid and irresponsible. He represents the University of Iowa.
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    maybe there is an iowa state mole in the IC PD doing nothing but following these guys around?
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