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Thread: Who Will Win the 2008 Big 10 Wrestling Tournament (Team/Individual)?

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    Default Re: Who Will Win the 2008 Big 10 Wrestling Tournament (Team/Individual)?

    What can I say I'm a homer.

    125 - Ness
    133 - Reiter
    141 - Rivera (if Lang at 149)
    149 - DS
    157 - Poeta
    165 - Tannebaum (Perry will probably be in jail by then)
    174 - Dretsch (my upset special as the Tazmanian devil pulls it out)
    184 - Kish
    197 - Davis
    HWT - Bergman

    Team - Minny in a route
    The NCAA selection committee just screwed the Gophers on seeding.

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    Default Re: Who Will Win the Big 10 Wrestling Tournament (Team/Individual)?

    Quote Originally Posted by goferphan View Post
    DS AIN'T losing to someone who got teched in the finals last year...if you think Moore put a beating on him, wait to see what happens if Lang comes at Dustin in that will be the same if he just tries to go toe to toe with Dustin and play the cat and mouse game, he certainly will keep it to a decision.
    Yea lang lost by 15,which means (everyone join in) TECH"D!!!
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