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    I had some requests to post some matches from the 1980 & 1981 All-Star Meet. Well here they are. Pay particular attention to the Dellagatta/Bohay match. Wild!

    Randy Lewis v. Darryl Burley 1980 NWCA All-Star Meet

    Ricky Dellagatta v.Gary Bohay 1981 NWCA All-Star

    Gene Mills v. Randy Willingham 1981 NWCA ALL-Star

    Bruce Baumgartner v. Dan Severn 1981 NWCA All-Star Meet

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    GREAT videos Brother QS! Thanks for sharing these with us. NCAA should make these videos mandatory viewing for all collegiate wrestlers at the start of the competitive season! The name of the game is OFFENSE dammit! Ah, the good ol days.

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    Awesome stuff quick, Dellagatta match was as you say, wild. Love to see Lewboo matches too.
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    Not sure if you saw this feature, but you can now see the rest of QS' (and everyone elses) YouTube videos:

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    You mean there was actually a time when there were more than just one or two real shots attempted in a single period? And top guys actually got off the hips and actually tried to turn another highly ranked opponent? Wow!!!

    Mojo said it's about offense people. Actually trying to score or improve your position at all times for the entire match.

    As a big guy I love seeing that Baumgartner v. Severn match. Two big guys who could actually bring it for the entire match.

    Thanks QS, those are awesome!!!

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