Did any of you see the Beat the Streets on Flo last night? Some pretty good wrestling!

I was really curious how Davis would do with Dieringer. Davis kept it close through 1 period, but Dieringer really pulled away in the second.
US beat Cuba 5-2 in FS, with Ramos and Herbert losing. I think Ramos will get better. He got TF'ed by the same kid that pinned him in the World Cup. I didn't see the World Cup match, but Ramos looked a lot closer to the guy than the final 14-1 score. He got in deep a number of times, but has to learn how to avoid the exposures--the Cuban kid killed him by exposures without control. Herbert did no where near the job that Ruth did against the Cuban former World Silver medalist. The Cuban is really good, but Herbert couldn't finish any shots and couldn't usually score, losing something like 6-1. Ruth beat him something like 22-13.

DT did a great job by TFing the world #3. And Snyder did a great job beating the world #6. Dlagnev looked tough and I wish they had saved him for the World Cup finals against Iran. We would have beaten Iran, I am sure, if Dlagnev had wrestled.

Quinn--you mentioned concern that Snyder would take an Olympic RS due to his FS success. I heard that in a post-match interview he said that he is strongly considering an Olympic RS next year. Bummer for tOSU, but even if he does you still have a lot of talent returning.