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Thread: Cmu 33 Msu 3

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    Default Cmu 33 Msu 3

    Here are the results from Rose Arena 11/29/07

    125: No. 13 Luke Smith (CMU) dec. Clint Frutiger, 5-3; CMU leads 3-0
    133: No. 6 Franklin Gomez (MSU) dec. No. 14 Conor Beebe (CMU), 10-3; Tied 3-3
    141: Eric Kruger (CMU) dec. Jeff Wimberley, 9-7; CMU leads 6-3
    149: No. 13 Brandon Carter (CMU) maj. dec. Tim Hammer, 12-3; CMU leads 10-3
    157: Tyler Grayson (CMU) dec. John Fulger, 9-3; CMU leads 13-3
    165: No. 18 Trevor Stewart (CMU) maj. dec. Rex Kendle, 8-0; CMU leads 17-3
    174: No. 4 Brandon Sinnott (CMU) dec. John Murphy, 12-5; CMU leads 20-3
    184: No. 6 Christian Sinnott (CMU) maj. dec. Nick Palmieri, 12-4; CMU leads 24-3
    197: No. 5 Wynn Michalak (CMU) dec. No. 15 Joe Williams, 5-2; CMU leads 27-3
    285: No. 2 Bubba Gritter (CMU) pin Freddie DeRamus at 1:32; CMU leads 33-3

    Real good night for the Chippewas. They're off until the 18th when they head to Reno.

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    Default Re: Cmu 33 Msu 3

    Central Michigan is freaking tough
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    anyone want to take odds that CMU gets a top 20 ranking in every weight class by the end of the year? THey are EXTREMELY tough, but I dont think they're going to beat many top 10 teams besides Michigan this year.

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    They've been well rounded as hell the last two years, especially in a dual meet format. Two years ago they crashed the National Duals semi's, and then last year they snuck into the top 5 near the end of the year, and I hadn't noticed them.

    My boy Gomez picks up the lone W for MSU.
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    does Michalek's win go on the scoreboard for last week or this week?

    i am assuming for last week?
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