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Thread: Rochester Duals: Gopher Videos

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    Videos Rochester Duals: Gopher Videos

    [VID="Brandon Stitch VS Ryan Johnson_1196090649605.flv"]Brandon Stitch VS Ryan Johnson[/VID]

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    Videos Justin Bronson Vs. Patrick Carey

    [VID="Justin Bronson VS Patrick Carey_1196091736276.flv"]Justin Bronson VS Patrick Carey_1196091736276.flv[/VID]

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    Videos CP Schlatter Vs. Justin Gaethje Video

    [VID="CP Schlatter VS Justin Gaethje_1196090812534.flv"]CP Schlatter VS Justin Gaethje_1196090812534.flv[/VID]

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    Videos Jake Mellmer Vs. Blayze Bahe

    [VID="Jake Mellmer VS Blayze Bahe_1196091195132.flv"]Jake Mellmer VS Blayze Bahe_1196091195132.flv[/VID]

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    Videos Manny Rivera Vs. Patrick McLemore

    [VID="Rivera-UofM VS McLemore-N.IL_1196050185862.flv"]Rivera-UofM VS McLemore-N.IL_1196050185862.flv[/VID]

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    Videos CP Schlatter Vs. Adam Aho

    [VID="CP Schlatter (MN) VS Adam Aho (NDSU)_1196117367416.flv"]CP Schlatter (MN) VS Adam Aho (NDSU)_1196117367416.flv[/VID]

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