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Thread: Mack Reiter vs. Pat Castillo

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    Videos Mack Reiter vs. Pat Castillo

    [vid="Reiter-UofM VS Castillo-N.IL_1196050021993.flv"]Reiter-UofM VS Castillo-N.IL_1196050021993.flv[/vid]

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    hard to tell because most of the video was in fast motion for some reason, but reiter did not impress

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    Mack looked a half step behind and not very physical for the first 2 periods. He picked it up a little in the third but was still going slow. Hopefully he is just dealing with getting down to weight the first few times and will be able to pick it up.
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    yeah, he definitely looks lethargic...if he hung in with a guy like Castillo looking that bad, I have confidence it will get better...Castillo is no slouch...
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