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Thread: 2007 Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational Picks Pool/Results Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Just got done watching the 149, and 157 finals videos.

    Caldwell and O'Connor both have gotten bigger, Caldwell obviously from moving up, and O'Connor looks like he's filled out a little bit more too.

    O'Connor's takedown that he did get in the third is something that is going to be important when it comes to beating Caldwell I think, he got it just as Caldwell had gotten to his feet and spun away for an escape, he immediately banged him with a single for the TD.

    Getting points off transitions is going to be huge for guys wrestling Caldwell since wrestling people straight up, chances are he's a way better athlete than you are. Caldwell is going to be a really tough out for anyone.

    Poeta and Gillespie had an exciting little battle like I'm sure all were assuming that they would have.

    Gillespie now knows like most 157's do that you can't half ass fake shots on Poeta from the outside, because if you do he's going to bang you with a reshot and get a TD. Thats what happened during the first TD, Gillespie faked from too far out, and as he was coming back up Poeta banged him with his reshot double.

    Gillespie put a good hard ride on him in the second period, kind of surprised that he didn't really try and work his rebar, may not have gotten the turn, but he uses it as an effective way of riding guys too.

    Sick scramble between the two of them off a Gillespie shot in the third. Perhaps an even sicker one a few seconds after that, I personally think Gillespie should have had two. Flo dude's voice cracked when Poeta scrambled out for his own TD.

    I think this match shows us that these two are about even on their feet with Poeta perhaps having a slight edge, Gillespie is better on the mat. Be really fun when these two meet up again.
    Where'd you find the videos?
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    Default Re: 2007 Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational Picks Pool/Results Thread

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    Default Re: 2007 Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational Picks Pool/Results Thread

    Man was that great wrestling between two fearless warriors!
    Awesome scramble!!!
    That's what wrestling is all about. For all of you that have not seen this match, go to Flowrestling and hit best match in vegas.

    Great Stuff!!!!

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