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Thread: World Team Trials

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snackem View Post
    I'll go, Metcalf, Burroughs, Ruth
    Well done sir!

    I too am impressed with how well Ramos did this close to the end of his senior season.

    I'm a little surprised that Metcalf is handling JO so well. Obviously Metcalf is no slouch, but I thought JO was going to be even better in freestyle than college rules.

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    Congrats, Snackem and getting all 3. Those are the ones I would have picked as well. I really wasn't very impressed Gavin. His whole style seemed to bull and just try to get pushouts. Ed looked to be much the better wrestler but still has to overcome too many mistakes. I'm sure he will over time.

    Metcalf looked a lot bigger to me than Oliver. Oliver got in on some nice shots in the first match, but Metcalf was too much of a horse.

    Burroughs blast double is a thing of beauty!

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    I think that Ruth is going to be a "Burroughs Light". He's got so much talent and so many physical tools that I think he can have pretty quick success at the next level. That being said I don't think that he's as driven as JB is so that will hold him back.
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    Snackem--I agree that JB looks a lot more intense than Ruth. But Cael has said a number of times that Ed is really motivated to do well in freestyle and works really hard. He's a work in progress in terms of some aspects of technique in freestyle, but Cael believes there's nothing missing in his motivation/work ethic.

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