So I'm watching the Quarterfinals of NCAA's last night (recorded, I'm about a day and a half behind and watching everything on DVR meanwhile trying not to see results that have already occurred), and there were some great matches. The parity on the season continues, as upsets continue big time.

Some of my favorite matches from the quarters:

1) Dylan Ness decking James Green. I said at the start if the tourney that Ness has to be the most dangerous #9 seed since Quentin Wright in 2011. Green got in on several shots and Ness kept throwing in that elevator hook-up that he uses so effectively. Green defended it a few times, but Ness dumped him in the end. What a move!

2) Logan Storley taking down Kokesh at the edge of the mat in OT to win with 3 sec left.

3) Brian Realbuto out-scrambling the master scrambler in DSJ and moving on to the semis.

4) Joe Colon hammering David Thorn. Colon is tough.

5) Evan Henderson looked slick slipping by Mitchell Port. Great win for him.

6) Tsirtis knocking off Maple.

7) Delgado looked sharp over Clark.

8) Taylor hammering Moreno, that dude is unstoppable.

9) Chris Penny...dude is jacked. Continues to win as a #14 seed.

I'm watching the semis later today.