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Thread: First Round Upsets

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    Who do you think has a good shot at a first round upset?

    Kraisser over #4 Martinez

    Gustafson over #7 Quiroga
    Palmer over #10 Soto

    Delgado over #4 Mecate
    Nevinger over #7 Horan
    Rodrigues over #8 Vaith

    Paddock over #11 Kindig

    157 - None of note

    Toal over #7 Harger
    Kemerer over #9 Booth

    Hammond over #4 Evans

    Stroh over #1 Sheptock

    197 - None of note

    Walz/Tavanello over #8 Felix
    Jensen over #11 Marsden

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    Default Re: First Round Upsets
    I'm actually a little surprised Ruth did not get the #1 seed.

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    Default Re: First Round Upsets

    141....Ugi over Retherford

    157....Napoli over DSJ

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    I can't believe Retherford drew Ugi in the first round. He was a semi-finalist last year, 22-3 this year, ranked 10th by intermat and the SoCon tournament champ; how did he not get a seed?!

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    I don't know who should be more pissed. Retherford who had an incredible season to earn a 3-seed at NCAAs is rewarded with returning AA Ugi in round 1. And then Ugi who had a very solid season (22-3) capped by a conference title is rewarded with no seed plus ZR in round 1. Absolutely terrible.

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    Thursday night. Match 181. Joey Dance takes out Delgado...

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    I noticed a lot of returning AA's who didn't get seeds. Kind of crazy!

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