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Thread: RIP kr1963

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    Default RIP kr1963

    Kurt died yesterday after a four year fight with cancer. He documented much of it on this site.

    I just saw this... and I don't feel like I can process it quite right this late at night.

    RIP Kurt. It was a pleasure knowing you on this site.

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    Default Re: RIP kr1963

    I only knew him from this site but he was a fighter and a good guy. I'm really sorry to hear this, I feel a little sick to my stomach.

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    Default Re: RIP kr1963

    Dang. This one hits me hard. I didn't know him personally but got to know him pretty well through this site. I can honestly say that he helped open my eyes to the world and to not be so closed minded.

    This truly sucks.
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    Kurt and I had our battles and we very seldom saw eye to eye about things. We would go back and forth sometimes just taking opposite sides just to be on opposite sides. I've missed that and will remember how fun and frustrating it was to argue back and forth with him. The wrestling world and Penn State lost a great fan and probably a better friend.

    RIP Kr

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    Sad news. Like others, I didn't personally know him but he seemed like a good dude and he fought this battle hard. A really interesting guy with a lot of enlightened opinions-at least in my opinion, and a huge part of TWT that will not be replaced. Rest in peace.

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    Incredibly sad. I was fortunate enough to correspond with Kurt on a fairly regular basis. His positivity, strength and outlook on life was completely incredible.

    Just last week he wanted me to pass a hello to everyone here as I know he loved the community at TWT. Rough day and rough news. The cancer didn't alter his spirit one iota.

    He always would ask about my father who had throat cancer (he's fine). Never a moment did he seem to put his concerns before others, at least in our communication. Like Ben, I am struggling with how to feel/process this.

    I'm still young enough that I haven't experienced anyone I am truly close to or know well pass away, so Kurt's and Jacob's passing stay with me and confuse me to this day. I know there is a loving God out there who loved both Kurt and Jacob so much.
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    Default Re: RIP kr1963

    Sad news. Sorry to hear it. His 172 page Everything Penn State Wrestling thread lives on.
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    Very sad news!

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    Definitely in a better place now.
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