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    Virginia pulled out a 20-19 win over Edinboro in the finals.
    Virginia Tech outlasted Kent State 19-16 for 3rd.
    I had a great time meeting VAISFORLOVERS.
    1st time I have been to the Duals.
    I shot some photos that I will share a link for shortly.

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    I haven't seen any box scores for the semis and finals of the Va Duals. Are they posted somewhere? Didn't see anything on Intermatwrestle and The Open Mat only had some results up to the semis.

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    Thanks, yakrider for posting the link!

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    I'm sad I didn't get to make it this year, but I had certain "obligations" which required me to return to school a little early
    "I looked up at the scoreboard and I was like, I can't do math that fast!" - Ed Ruth

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