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Thread: Midlands predictions

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    Default Midlands predictions

    The tourney kicks off tomorrow! I can't really see anyone giving Iowa too much if a challenge for the team title, but there will be great matchups at a lot of weights. I hope Clark and Delgado meet again.
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    I'm looking forward to Mccauley and Downey from Nebraska finally showing their stuff! I think both will finish top 3.

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    Has McCauley even wrestled a match yet this year? Did Sueflohn beat him out for the starting spot? I never got the full story there.

    I also see Iowa being dominant there. Here are my predictions:

    125 - Delgado - Illinois
    133 - Ramos - Iowa
    141 - Port - Edinboro
    149 - Habat - Edinboro
    157 - Walsh - Indiana
    165 - Monk - NDSU
    174 - Evans - Iowa
    184 - Loder - Northern Iowa (Since Loder is not in brackets, I'll go with Lofthouse)
    197 - Boley - Maryland
    285 - Telford - Iowa
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    149--Caldwell (going out on a limb on this; Tsirtsis beat him soundly in freestyle last year)

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    McCauley is my pick.
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    I think Coon can win it all. Maybe I'm nuts.
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    Default Re: Midlands predictions

    125 Clark
    133 Ramos
    141 Port
    149 Tshirt
    157 McCauley
    165 Massa
    174 Evans
    184 Downey
    197 Burak
    Hwt Coon

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    I wish that they separated Brooks from Iowa and Downey from Nebraska......those two will meet in the second round.....could have been the finals if they were on opposite sides.

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    Maybe it's just my own ignorance on the new crop of wrestlers coming up, but seems like a pretty week tournament compared to years past. Not a lot of post grads or redshirts. Seems like a lot of bye's as well in many weight classes. Would like to see the 64 man brackets full.

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