I want to put this stuff in the College Wrestling forum since 90% of the people viewing this site are here.

If anyone wants to register, as they click register they will be re-directed to this registration page where they are then told to email wrestlingshoes1 at gmail dot com.

Also it came to my attention from a user last night that the password recovery system is messed up. As in, people try to "reset" their password but the TWT mail system never sends them the reset password. So again, if you need your password reset or know someone who does, email wrestlingshoes1 at gmail dot com and I can change the password and email it to the user within a matter of hours.

It would be nice to get this stuff working automatically, particularly the mail server that sends the reset password, but in the mean time this should work fine. I check the email multiple times a day so it will not take me long to get a user back into their account.

I'm going to pin this thread and if people have questions or comments feel free to post them.