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    Wisconsin ran away with the team title, Navy edged out Princeton for third.

    Here are the finals matches

    125: Taylor (Wisc) dec Frey (Prn) 9-4
    133: Graff (Wisc) Mdec Pennesi (WVU) 16-4
    141: Durso (F&M) Def Krop (Prn) Was really looking forward to this one, Krop has been very impressive early on, wish I knew why they didn't wrestle
    149: Claxton (Ohio) dec Johnson (Navy) 3-1
    157: Miller (Kent) dec Jordan (Wisc) 10-7
    165: Mock (UTC) dec Walsh (Navy) 3-2
    174: Luvsandorj (Cit) dec Scheffel (WVU) 5-2
    184: Bernstein (Brown) dec Hein (Wisc) 3-2
    197: Wellington (Ohio) dec Ayala (Prn) 9-3
    285: Medbery (Wisc) dec Johnson (Ohio) 8-2
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    Thielke at 141 is still taking his lumps - finished fourth.

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    Thielke has been kind of a disappointment for me. I just assumed he was going to be one of the top guys right from the start. I guess that's not gonna be the case
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