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Thread: Most GO....

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    Quote Originally Posted by homerdindon View Post
    I gotta disagree with the Paulsons man. They were always in good shape, but weren't by any means known for their conditioning or for racking up the points.
    Well then we will have to agree to disagree... lol

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    I may vomit as I say this... but Chris Pendleton.

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    I'm gonna go with homer on this, the Paulsons were great, but I remeber wishing several times that they would open up more.

    I will go with Jayson Ness. He destroyed people on top, never let up. If you made a mistake on bottom, you got stuck. Also Jensen hit on Manny, I remember that match against Simmons, remimded me of (hearing about) the Brands; he let Simmons up with inder 10 to go only to take him down again.
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    Damion Hahn........he didn't know the meaning of stop. Look at his semifinal and final matches his junior year. If there was a single second to go in a match......he'd use it.
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    "If theres time on the clock, theres time to wrestle." Good call TLV

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    i liked dubuque...he had a pretty unstoppable motor...this year i also like valenti...nobody outworked those two for seven minutes...
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    Quote Originally Posted by RYou View Post
    JH was the man this year.
    I think everyone knows it pains me to agree here....but I gotta. Hendricks goes goes goes.
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    Lincoln Mac had one hell of a "Go" motor on him. IMO, that alone was what won him his first title in that legendary finals comeback vs. Gerry Abas.
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