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Thread: Get Well Snackem

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    Default Get Well Snackem

    Our friend Snackem is in the hospital fighting off infections and MRSA ! Please wish him a speedy recovery !!
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    Default Re: Get Well Snackem

    Bummer, staff mrsa can be a bear to treat. Get better Snackem!!

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    Default Re: Get Well Snackem

    Just have em cut the leg off man and quit being a baby! Just kidding man! Get well, praying for ya!

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    Praying for you Snackem!

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    Get well soon. I understand a few more days and he will be out of the hospital.
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    Sounds awful. Hang in there dude

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    We're in your corner, Snackem. I know you can tough it out. Best wishes.
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    God Bless you, Snackem
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    No MRSA thankfully but lots of tunneling and swelling. I can tell you that I think everyone should have their wound packed at least once in their lives, and there are some people (like the administration at U of O) whom I wish could experience it on a daily basis.
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