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Thread: Ed Ruth Suspended Indefintely

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herkey#1 View Post
    I actually just meant that I plan to go and have a good time again this year but if youre saying Iowa will win, I believe you.
    Last year there were 3 critical bouts--125, 157, 174 and Iowa won all 3 (I believe each was by 1 point)

    This year there are more matches that are reasonably close or toss-up: 125, 141, 149, 157, 174, 197.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herkey#1 View Post
    That's no excuse for drinking and driving. I'm not throwing stones because I used to do it all the time but it was wrong then and it's wrong now no matter how young or pressurized your situation is. It's a very serious thing and you can kill someone by doing it. Imagine that tree happened to be a group of college students. I mean, he didnt mean to run into the tree just like he wouldnt have meant to run into any people. I'm sure they have taxis in Happy Valley.
    I'm not saying he shouldn't be punished for it or should be excused for it. I just feel for these guys and think coaches and admins can do more (i.e.. give them some tools) to help them deal with the pressures of being an elite athlete. Ultimately though, Ed Ruth has to take responsibility for his own actions. I'm actually surprised they only suspended him one month. IMO, Cael needs to send a message and should have suspended him at least into mid-January or longer. I'll bet the program wouldn't have too many more alcohol related problems if he suspended him for the entire season. I also don't like the fact that Ruth is still wrestling, albeit as an unattached wrestler during his suspension time. I'm a Cael fan and have jumped on the Penn State bandwagon, but the discipline issues on the team trouble me.

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    There is ZERO excuse for drunk driving, especially today when everyone has a cell phone, and in college there is always someone you can call for a ride. I know that these guys are just kids and that they are under a lot of stress, but there are other ways to deal with it, and other outlets for it. I have absolutely NO compassion for someone who is going to drink that amount and then drive. I MIGHT have some compassion if he blew a .08 and just had one too many. A one month suspension is somewhat of a joke, especially when he is still allowed to compete unattached.
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    A couple thoughts:
    First, I do not mean to diminish Ed's BAC, 0.281 is ridiculously high and he should have been nowhere near a driver's seat. Having said that, simply posting he 'crashed into a tree' is a bit misleading, he was trying to parallel park at the time. Knowing that Taco Bell and probably the victim tree, he was probably going between 4 and 7 mph at the time.

    Herkey is right though, there is no excuse for DUI in this town. State College makes it very difficult to park overnight (cars along the two main downtown streets will be towed, costing you a bit over $100), but the town is small. Most people can walk, and taxis are readily available on weeknights and are cheap. It likely would have cost him at most about $10 to get home in a taxi. I can't imagine that student athletes don't get that message drilled into their heads at least a couple times per year.

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    Cael needs to stay consistent with punishment regardless of the quality of the wrestler. If this punishment stays light he is going to have trouble laying down severe punishment in the future and keeping his credibility. Don't want to lose the room because a couple of extraordinary wrestlers appear to be above the rules. I know I got annoyed when I was an athlete and felt like some people were receiving preferential treatment.

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    B&W crowd hinting at other passengers in the car.
    "He beat nobodies..Thorn at 133 won't be great, R12 or worse imo...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jammen View Post
    B&W crowd hinting at other passengers in the car.
    Wouldnt suprise me. I never drove to Taco Johns wasted late at night...alone.

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    Well not to excuse what Ed did but seriously it shouldn't matter if his bac was .08 or .3. He broke the law and needs to serve whatever punishment Cael feels is appropriate. I do think some of you are being over the top asking for a year suspension. If this was a repeat violation maybe suspending him for that long makes sense. From what I know this is his 1st DUI so it needs to be treated as such. I know he was in an altercation previously but I give that a pass as all sorts of people get into drunk fights and it hasn't happened again. He should wrestle against IA which makes me happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jammen View Post
    B&W crowd hinting at other passengers in the car.
    Smart thinking let the drunkest guy drive....
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