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Thread: Kyle Dake vs Bubba Jenkins

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    Default Re: Kyle Dake vs Bubba Jenkins

    Yeah, I figured I would have a little fun while saying Dake would be a complete ass if he decided to slow this match down and win by 1 point.

    I thought all the non-PSU fans would have enjoyed me trying to work every DT loss and the docile garden snake match into the same thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quinn14 View Post
    It's freestyle so he can't ride.
    He'll just get 3 guts and it's over...
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Default Re: Kyle Dake vs Bubba Jenkins

    I guess Kyle was gonna be at the Garden that day anyway now that he's on the Cornell coachig staff.

    Four-Time NCAA Champion Kyle Dake Joins Cornell Coaching Staff | New York Wrestling News

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