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Discuss Roar's Rankings - 2012-13 at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Not trying to compete against vais one bit, just providing more reading material as we ...
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    Default Roar's Rankings - 2013-14

    Not trying to compete against vais one bit, just providing more reading material as we gear up for 2013-14.

    So, below are my...



    Jesse Delgado - Illinois JR
    Nico Megaludis – PSU JR
    Nahshon Garrett – Cornell SO
    Jarrod Patterson – Oklahoma SR
    Anthony Zanetta – Pitt SR
    Nathan Kraisser – UNC SO
    David Thorn – Minnesota SR
    Corey Clark –Iowa FR

    Jesse Delgado is my top guy, followed closely by Nico Megaludis and Nahshon Garrett, in a weight class that, I believe, will be stronger overall than last year. Gone are 2 AA’s (Sprenkle and Garnett) and a couple more R12 guys, but Patterson, Zanetta and Clark are all coming off redshirt, and the guys that are back should all be one year better. Nahshon, as a freshman, really shone under the bright lights in Des Moines, and we all know Nico can be a grinder against the top competition. Patterson (7th in2011) and Zanetta are veterans that should AA. Kraisser is a youngster coming off an outstanding freshman year, followed by David Thorn. If Thorn has trouble with his weight look for Cox (who I have at #9) to move into the top 8. My darkhorse is Corey Clark. With wins last year over Delgado, Sprenkle, and Patterson, he’s a good one that should AA his1st year and do better than my predicted 8th, but will probably lose some head-scratchers along the way in his first season of eligibility. Cox, Parisi, Martinez and Boyle round out the top-12.


    Tony Ramos – Iowa SR
    Tyler Graff – Wisconsin SR
    Ryan Mango – Stanford SR
    AJ Schopp – Edinboro JR
    Jonathon Morrison – Oklahoma St JR
    Chris Dardanes – Minnesota JR
    Mason Beckman – Lehigh SO
    Jimmy Gulibon– PSU FR

    Logan Stieber is moving to 141, and only one other AA (McCormick) has graduated. Sentes (R12) has moved on also, but this weight class is very strong, with 9 of 12 returning, and Grey, Beckman, and Gulibon joining the fray. Tony Ramos and Tyler Graff are VERY close, and appear to be the cream of this weight class. Not everyone thinks so, but I do. Tyler wrestles a defensive style and backs up ALOT, so he’s very frustrating to wrestle, but don’t mistake for a second his talent. I’ll go with Tony on the strength of his win over Tyler at NCAA’s. Mango is 3rd coming off a RS year, having already earned a 5th and 6th place NCAA finish in his career. He may challenge for the top spot, he’s that good. Schopp, Morrison and Dardanes are very close, so I’m going with their NCAA finish. Moving in front of AA Cody Brewer are Mason Beckman, and Jimmy Gulibon, 2 guys coming off RS that WILL make some noise this year. Don’t be surprised if either of them do better than I suggest. My R12 guys are Brewer, Grey, Wolfensberger, and DiCamillo. This class, like 125, looks stronger than last year overall, despite losing Logan Stieber.


    Logan Stieber – Ohio St JR
    Mitchell Port – Edinboro JR
    Undrakhbayer Khishignyam – The Citadel SO
    Devin Carter – Va Tech SR
    Mike Nevinger – Cornell SR
    Evan Henderson – UNC JR
    Nick Dardanes – Minnesota JR
    Richard Durso– Franklin & Marshall JR

    None of last year’s AA’s are gone, and with Stieber moving up, this will be a brutal weight class. I would love to see Stieber wrestle Maple, but it appears Kendric is moving to 149 at the same time Logan is moving to 141. Port ended 2nd last year, on the strength of a win in the semi’s over Hunter Stieber at NCAA’s. He’s my pick for #2 again. Khishignyam is the real deal and will improve from his freshman season, so he’s a solid 3rd, and will challenge Port for 2nd. Insert Devin Carter 4th, a 5th Place NCAA finisher in 2012. Nevinger beat Henderson at NCAA’s, so he gets #5, with Henderson #6, followed by Dardanes, and Durso. Durso, from Franklin & Marshall, was a crowd favorite at NCAA’s in Des Moines, finishing R12 in his sophomore season. Would love to see the guy AA in 2014!! Wrapping up my R12 are Lazor, Cobb, Tsirtsis, and Thielke. This is a talented group that could all end up as AA’s. For the 3rd weight class in a row, it looks to be stronger than last year.


    Kendric Maple – Oklahoma SR
    Dylan Ness – Minnesota JR
    Scott Sakaguchi – Oregon St SR
    Drake Houdashelt – Missouri JR
    Nick Brascetta –Va Tech JR
    Andrew Alton – PSU JR
    Destin McCauley – Nebraska FR
    Eric Grajales– Michigan SR

    The top 3 finishers (Oliver, Chamberlain, Santos) from last year are gone,along with another AA (Lopouchanski) and one from the R12. Still, with Maple rumored to be moving up, this weight class will be strong again. Kendric gets the nod over the ever-dangerous Dylan Ness. Sakaguchi’s win over Houdashelt at NCAA’s earns him #3. Andrew Alton, after a frustrating 2012-13 should be back to form, and could and should do better than 6th,but I’m placing him there as Brascetta earned AA (8th) in 2013. Destin McCauley will finally hit the mats, but is not an unknown, he's one that I expect will do very well. Rounding out the top-8 is Eric Grajales, looking to AA in his senior season. The next 4 (R12) are Tao, Kindig, Habat, and Paddock.This weight class looks to be about even with last year as far as talent.


    Derek St. John – Iowa SR
    Alex Dieringer – Oklahoma St SO
    James Green – Nebraska JR
    Dylan Alton – PSU JR
    RJ Pena – Oregon St SR
    Zach Neibert – Va Tech SR
    Josh Demas – Ohio St JR
    Ian Miller – Kent St SO

    Four (Welch, Bonin, Moore, Fleming) of the top 8, and 6 of the top 12 are gone, so this weight class opens up a little. DSJ gets the #1 nod, but watch out for Dieringer. He only lost 3-2 TB2 to DSJ in the semi’s last year, and should improve in his 2nd season. I really like James Green and DylanAlton, and would not be surprised to see either standing at the top of the podium in 2014. Rounding out my top 8 are Pena, Neibert, Demas, and Miller,with Napoli, Zilverburg, Taffur, and McCulley, as R12. It looks like Pena is at the top of this group, though he lost to Demas in the 1st Round of NCAA’s in Des Moines. Solid weight class, but not spectacular, less talent than last year overall.


    David Taylor – PSU SR
    Tyler Caldwell – Oklahoma St SR
    Micheal Moreno – Iowa St JR
    Nick Sulzer – Virginia JR
    Taylor Massa – Michigan SO
    Steve Monk – North Dakota St SR
    John Staudenmayer – UNC SO
    Josh Veltre –Bloomsburg SR

    With 4 (Dake, Yates, Polz, Yohn) of the top 8 moving on, and another R12 guy graduating, this weight class is losing some talent in 2013-14. Taylor is far and away the favorite at 165, with Caldwell head-and-shoulders above the rest. It would not surprise me if David bonused every guy he faces this year, which is a tall order, but within the realm of possible. Look for Moreno, Sulzer, Massa, and Monk to slug it out for 3rd through 6th, as I see them as very close. Some datapoints; earlier in last year’s season, Monk beat Sulzer, and Sulzer beat Massa. At NCAA’s, Massa beat Monk, and Moreno beat Massa badly. Staudenmayer and Veltre round out the top-8. My R12 wrestlers are Wilps, Moore, Toal, and Wilson. This weight class is a tad weaker than last year.


    Andrew Howe – Oklahoma SR
    Chris Perry – Oklahoma St SR
    Matt Brown – PSU JR
    Robert Kokesh – Nebraska JR
    Logan Storley – Minnesota JR
    Mike Evans – Iowa JR
    Cody Walters – Ohio SO
    TannerWeatherman – Iowa St SO

    This will be a brutal weight class...again!! Blanton and Heflin (moving to 197) are the only AA’s gone from last year, and Howe is coming back after a RS. Andrew is my pick for #1, but is not the lock that many think. Durability IMO is a question, and the talent at #2 through #6 makes this possibly the strongest weight class in 2013-14. My Perry through Evans picks mirror their 2012-13 finish, but throw them in a jar and pick them out and your order could be as right as mine. Look for Brown, Kokesh, Storley, and Evans to battle during the regular B1G season, the B1G Tournament, and the NCAA’s. Given their familiarity, the bouts are going to be low scoring. Walters (8th Place NCAA finish in 2013) and Weatherman are solid, but right now I have them a notch below the top 6. The R12 for me consists of Mougin, Munster, Yates, and Fausey.


    Ed Ruth – PSU SR
    Kevin Steinhaus – Minnesota SR
    Travis Rutt – Oklahoma SR
    Ethan Lofthouse – Iowa SR
    Jimmy Sheptock – Maryland SR
    Ryan Loder – Northern Iowa SR
    Jacob Swartz – Boise St SR
    MaxThomusseit – Pitt JR

    I have Ed and David Taylor as the closest things to locks this year if both stay healthy. This weight class loses 4 AA’s (Hamlin, Bosak, Bennett, Larson) and one other R12, so lots of room for guys to move up and AA. Steinhaus is my #2, despite his 2012-13 non-AA finish. I believe he was injured last year,which affected his performance. The next 4 are very close, but I’m going with Rutt (returning from ORS), then the NCAA finish of the next 3, as Lofthouse beat Sheptock, and Sheptock beat Loder. Could end different imo, they’re that close. Lofthouse had a heckuva 2013 NCAA Tournament (seeded 12th,finished 5th), and I believe he’s ready for a better 2013-14. Swartz and Thomusseit are #7 and #8. My R12 guys are Beard, Dallago, Rodgers, and Rizqallah. This weight class, overall, is down a little talent-wise from last year.


    Taylor Meeks – Oregon St JR
    Scott Schiller – Minnesota JR
    Kyven Gadsen – Iowa St JR
    Blake Rosholt – Oklahoma St SR
    Morgan McIntosh – PSU SO
    Nathan Burak – Iowa SO
    Nick Heflin – Ohio St SR
    ChristianBoley – Maryland SR

    The top 3 (Wright, Kilgore, Wilps) are gone, as well as another AA (Hernandez),and one other R12, so this class opens up for lots of guys to move up. There is no clear cut #1, so I’m going with the guys that AA’d last year - Meeks,Schiller, Gadson, and Rosholt, as my top 4. It gets interesting after that,with McIntosh coming off RS, and Heflin moving up, all the way from 174. It’s my opinion that McIntosh will break into the top-4 by the end of the season. Heaven only knows if the 2 weight class move will affect the very-defensive Heflin, so he’s a wildcard that I’m saying will low-AA in his senior season. Burak and Boley were both R12 last year and should benefit from the departures at this weight class. My 9th through 12th guys are Gonzales, Perry, Hein, and Borlie. This weight class is much weaker than last year.


    Tony Nelson – Minnesota SR
    Nick Gwiazdowski – North Carolina St SO
    Mike McMullen – Northwestern JR
    Bobby Telford – Iowa JR
    Jeremy Johnson – Ohio SR
    Mike McClure – Michigan St SR
    JT Felix – Boise St SR
    Conner Medberry – Wisconsin SO

    Lots of talent gone from last year, with the #3 through #8 NCAA finishers (Gelagaev, Bradley, Thomusseit, Trice, Delaney, Gibson) having expired eligibility, along with Hanke (R12). Gwiazdowski is back after a RS season, and will give Nelson all he can handle, IMO. I’m going with them as #1 and #2.McMullen, Telford, Johnson, McClure, Felix and Medberry are my next 6, with only McMullen ending as an AA in 2013. Still, Telford certainly would have been except that a knee injury ended his tournament unexpectedly. Not as much talent overall as last year, but still a solid group. Stolfi, Scherer, Chalfont, and Marsden are my R12. This class, like 197, is much weaker than 2012-13.
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    Default Re: Roar's Rankings - 2012-13

    Nice job, it was a great read. Tough to argue with most of those picks. At 125, I think Tyler Cox will AA again. If I recall correctly, Tyler Cox beat Kraisser at NCAAs. At 149, I also think Ian Paddock could finish as high as fourth and Grajales probably won't AA. Chris Perry has been wrestling in some very tough Russian/Central Asia tournaments this summer at 84 Kg and doing really well. Howe is solid, but I think Chris Perry will be the guy to beat in this weight class. I like your pick of Meeks at 197, bold, but certainly could happen. I do think he'll finish ahead of McIntosh of PSU. McIntosh's ace in hand though is wrestling with Cael Sanderson every day. Gwiazdowski has the ability to beat Tony Nelson at heavy weight. I could see the upset there.

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    Default Re: Roar's Rankings - 2012-13

    You like Jarrod Patterson a lot more than I do

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    Default Re: Roar's Rankings - 2013-14

    Awesome job. I hope we get some more of these up.

    One note I'd add is that we won't see Josh Demas at 157 this year(if we even see him at all). He'll be at 165(if he wrestles) is the word from Coach Ryan.
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    Default Re: Roar's Rankings - 2012-13

    Nice job, I love the Taylor Meeks pick!

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    Default Re: Roar's Rankings - 2013-14

    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    Awesome job. I hope we get some more of these up.

    One note I'd add is that we won't see Josh Demas at 157 this year(if we even see him at all). He'll be at 165(if he wrestles) is the word from Coach Ryan.
    Thanks, hadn't heard that one yet. By the way, vais, what do you know about Rutt? 184 or 197?

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    Default Re: Roar's Rankings - 2013-14

    Not sure if it would change your picks or not, but if I had a gun put to my head and I had to state who will be at 133 for UNI, it will be Colon. I don't see Wolfensperger beating him out for 133.
    UNI Panthers...Because it's just right.

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    Default Re: Roar's Rankings - 2013-14

    Quote Originally Posted by BigTenFan View Post
    By the way, vais, what do you know about Rutt? 184 or 197?
    That summed it up. 84 or 97. I have no clue which but for some reason lean towards 97 since he wrestled 211 this Spring. I hope he goes 197 just to make that weight a little more nuts.
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    Default Re: Roar's Rankings - 2012-13

    Quote Originally Posted by 1stplace View Post
    You like Jarrod Patterson a lot more than I do
    Just curious 1stplace...where would you put him? I have him 4th, vais has him 5th.

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