This is per SHP.

1. There will be a pairwise comparison to help determine at-large selections next year. While it will not be be-all-end-all, it will be a significant indicator that encompasses all of the selection criteria as stated.
2. They will now be seeding 16 wrestlers per weight, rather than 12.
3. All conference protection will be eliminated.
4. Only unseeded wrestlers will be drawn into pigtails.

5. The framework for a possible national dual-phase point schedule as has been released (would be effective in 2016, all dates are for 2016):

Teams 17-24: 12.5 points for National tournament
Teams 9-16: 26 points for National tournament (13.5 advancement for those wrestling a first-round dual)
Advancement to quarterfinals: +9 (35 total)
Advancement to semifinals: +6 (41 total)
Advancement to finals: +4 (45 total)
Dual-phase champions: +5 (50 total)

Calendar as suggested:
February 12-14: Conference Championships
February 26-28: Dual-phase regional round
March 4-6: Dual-phase final four
March 7-9: Individual phase selections/seeding
March 17-19: NCAA Championships tournament-phase