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Thread: Bloomsburg VS Pit

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    Default Bloomsburg VS Pit

    Bloomsburg up 10-3
    Big upset Moley over Kocher at 157

    I just caught the last seconds of 157 I had to run upstairs for some reason my WMP on my laptop refuses to play like anything online...

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    Default Re: Bloomsburg VS Pit

    13-6 Huskies
    Gavin is up pittsburg could use some bonus here, I dont know who is at 84 or 97 but Bloomsburg has to be a big favorite at HVY

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    Default Re: Bloomsburg VS Pit

    Gavin ith a pin 30 seconds left puts pitt right back in there 13-12

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    Default Re: Bloomsburg VS Pit

    thats six for Turner's Big Boys...
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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    Default Re: Bloomsburg VS Pit

    bleh... sounds like bloomsburgs guy got screwed out of a very late 2nd takedown, pit up 2-1 with riding time locked up

    Very close to another Td in the last 15 of the 3rd, pit wins 4-1

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    Default Re: Bloomsburg VS Pit

    Huskies are up 6-3 with RT, both have initials for names an the announcers keep mixing them up made it pretty hard to follow

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    Default Re: Bloomsburg VS Pit

    Comes down to the heavies! sounds like a great match so far.

    Apparently spaid has never beaten the heavy from pit although he is much bigger and a returning AA

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    Default Re: Bloomsburg VS Pit

    1-1 in OT I was rooting for spaid but I changed my mind I gotta go for shaffer because I know somoene has spaid on their team

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    Default Re: Bloomsburg VS Pit

    Shaffer wins 2-1 in OT!!

    18-16 Pitt wins

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