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Discuss College Wrestlers Rejoice at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; In all the discussion about what the newest rulex mean, I haven't anyone mention the ...
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    In all the discussion about what the newest rulex mean, I haven't anyone mention the devaluing of back exposure compared to a takedown. This will be of much bigger benefit to folkstyle wrestlers than the longer matches. Think about the high-c/chest lock counters that US wrestlers absolutely get killed with on the world stage. Now, if you shoot a leg and get exposed on he way., then as long as you end up on top it's 2-2 (with last pt advantage) instead of being down 1-2. (If the new trend of awarding ONLY the leg attacker, as seen in the Burroughs match, persists, folkstylers benefit even more). This changes the whole dynamic of a wrestling match. I feel like Dziedzic must have had a big influence in drafting these rules, they couldn't have come out any better for folkstylers. This new dynamic, along with the influx of high-level talent, should make American wrestling very happy.

    From an entertainment standpoint, there is now more reward and less risk to shooting, which can only be a good thing. Unfortunately, the new rules also devalue throws... I hope that during the inevitable tweaking period feet-to-back throws are changed to 4 pointers.

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    Love the new rules.
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    Good post, Arm Spin.
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