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    Speaking of Thielke... if you haven't seen his matches vs Mango at the WTT, go watch them now. One of the best Greco series I have ever seen. I wish Mango, especially, would wrestle Greco full time- the man's back arch throws are incredible to watch.

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    Watched it and it was awesome. Thanks for the tip.
    I haven't been interested in Greco for years and I was of the opinion that it should be sacrificed in order to Olympic freestyle, but matches like those could make me a fan.

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    All the news on the Wisconsin board is that Graff is going 133 and Thielke is going 141.

    How about those WI boys in Cadet 132 in Fargo. They are dominating the weight class through the first day!

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    Theilke has a nice frame. Could be a good sized 41 ultimately, but does anyone else think he is going to be folkstyle rusty after all the greco hes going to be wrestling?
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    Maybe a little, but he did pretty well at Midlands last year after spending a year solely wrestling greco. I think he'll be fine!

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    Did Theilke place at Midlands? I'm thinking no, but think he had a big win of sorts. Maybe Sentes...

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    Yes, he made it to the semi's, lost to Mango, and then lost back to 6th place. Scores are below.

    Jesse Thielke (Unat. WIS) dec. Derek Steeley (Bing), 6-5
    Jesse Thielke (Unat. WIS) dec. No. 1 Scotti Sentes (Central Michigan), 10-9
    Jesse Thielke (Unat. WIS) tech fall Laike Gardner (Lehigh), 19-3, 4:46
    Jesse Thielke (Unat. WIS) lost No. 5 Leon Mango (Unat. Stanford) 5-3

    Thielke dropped a 10-5 decision to Beckman in the wrestleback and was stopped by Schopp at 4 minutes, 19 seconds in the fifth-place match.

    Read more: Badgers wrestling: Trio earns third-place finishes at Midlands Championships : Sports

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    Ah, my memory failed me. I think you still don't know what you are getting out of Thielke in folkstyle. The Sentes win is nice but while I loved watching Scotti wrestle he definitely wasn't the same guy last year after taking a season off. The other two guys I never heard of and Beckman/Schopp beat him good.

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    Thielke all the way up to 141 now? I'm guessing Graff wants to stay 133, and Thielke is making room for the senior. Not saying Thielke could beat Graff even if he tried for 133, but I think 133 is probably Thielke's optimum weight.
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