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Thread: No Swimming for Herkey

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    Default No Swimming for Herkey

    4. Iowa: 73
    5. Cornell: 65

    Sadly I can't see where Cornell would have scratched out 8.5 more points from what their line up looked like.
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    Default Re: No Swimming for Herkey

    Dake picking up a couple pins like the #2 all time wrestler should would get them half way there.
    Nevinger not getting upset in his first round plus scoring one more point in his last match gets them to 6 (although losing up top let him wrestle more 1/2 point matches).
    Villalonga winning just one match (not too much to ask of someone recruited that highly, right?) gets them 0.5 or 1
    Bosak trying to score a bit in his earlier matches and getting one more major gets them to 7.5 or 8.

    Anyone getting a pigtail and winning, or maybe qualifying one more guy puts them over the hump. But yeah, the guys they sent scored pretty well. Tough to nitpick them to 4th place.

    Neither the whiskey nor the Herkey got to meet the water this year.

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    Default Re: No Swimming for Herkey

    Sadly, Cornell needed one more AA and 8.5 more points to win the bet.
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    Default Re: No Swimming for Herkey

    It was too close for comfort though. I was a little nervous about it cause that river is cold right now. Woulda been nice to see where Telford would have finished. I had Garrett on my fantasy team all year and followed him pretty closely this year. It was fun to watcch him get third, even if he did have to beat McDonough to do it. Ughh, McDonough. I feel ya man.

    And, teh crown did meet the water a couple of times.

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