Wow...with Okie State breathing down their necks they go 5-5 in the semis...If they end up winning it looks like all of those points will be needed...It's interesting to note that during this run the last 3 years, all of Penn State's All-Americans have placed 3rd or higher (2011 5 AA's- Long 3rd, Molinaro 2nd, Taylor 2nd, Ruth 3rd, Wright 1st) (2012 6 AA's- Nico 2nd, Molinaro 1st, D Alton 3rd, Taylor 1st, Ruth 1st, Wright 2nd) (2013 5 AA's- Nico, Taylor, Brown, Ruth, Wright all finalists)...These semi-final points were huge because I only see Ruth as a favorite going into the finals...The Alton's will take some heat, and neither performed up to their standards, but Dylan did lose to the 1 and 4 seeds. The loss to Welch was a heartbreaker, as he came out on the wrong end of the scramble of the tournament. He would've faced the unseeded Bonin in the semis...Nico is running into a very hot Delgado. I hope before Taylor's match the coaches let him know to really get after it, because no ref is going to have the grapefruits to bang Dake for stalling while he is going for his 4th title. Brown has just plain gotten hot and may be the next most likely winner after Ruth. If Ruth is Ruth, he wins. Supposedly, Wright prefers to wrestle the shorter, built guys but he will have his hands full with Kilgore...Also, congratulations to David Taylor and Quentin Wright for becoming the first 3x finalists in PSU history. Two top recruits who really worked out, to say the least.